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Hosted by the ORS Media Relations and Communications Committee, the goal of the ORS Video Outreach Competition is to encourage orthopaedic researchers to educate the public and media about significant musculoskeletal research topics in very innovative, accessible, understandable and fun ways. The theme of this year’s competition is Explain Orthopaedic Research to the General Public.

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ORS Membership Challenge

No one knows the benefits of ORS membership better than a member.  A personal invitation by a current ORS member is the most cited reason new members join the Society. Through the month of August we are seeking to recruit 250 new ORS members; 115 Active (established investigators) and 133 Associate (student/trainee).

We would like our members to recruit at least one new member.  For some added fun, each time you recruit a member your name will be added to a drawing for a special ORS prize!

Who is ready to accept the challenge? Please forward the online application to your recruit today!

If you need more information about benefits of membership or a more formal invitation email we’ve provided some additional resources.

Share Awareness of Orthopaedic Research!

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During the month of August, ORS encourages you to share your research contributions in sports science, injury prevention, and recovery!

Post your research on social media, use hashtag #orthoresearch, #keepsmemoving, and tag @OrthopaedicResearchSociety on Facebook or @ORSSociety on Twitter.



Advocacy in the US

As one of the core values of the ORS, Advocacy has always been extremely important to the society.

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Strategic Partners

Strategic partnerships are key to increasing the society’s effectiveness.

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ORS Job Board

Register in our Career Center and explore a database of careers in orthopaedic research.

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