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 JOR:  This Week’s Editor’s Pick!

The Journal of Orthopaedic Research (JOR) is the official journal of the ORS. Each week, the Editor of the JOR select various articles to highlight in the online member newsletter ORS Connect. This week’s Editor’s Pick article from the September issue is:

Expression of angiopoietin-like protein 4 at the fracture site: Regulation by hypoxia and osteoblastic differentiation

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ORS 2016 Annual Meeting

Each year, the ORS Annual Meeting attracts attendees from all over the world.  Our Annual Meeting attendees are clinicians, surgeons, residents, veterinarians, basic scientists, and engineers who come together to present the latest innovative and cutting-edge musculoskeletal research.

Take a look at the Annual Meeting schedule for a list of scientific workshops, spotlight speakers, Professional Advancement Sessions, mentoring programs, industry – related sessions, exhibits, social events and more!

We look forward to meeting you in Orlando!

ORS Spine Section_smallORS Webinar:
Cell and Organ Based Culture Conditions of the Intervertebral Disc

Hosted by the ORS Spine Section, this webinar will cover the use of different in vitro culture conditions for intervertebral disc cells and tissues. From monolayer cultures of isolated disc cells, to the 3D culture systems routinely used to re-differentiate IVD cells towards the in vivo phenotype. The use of co-culture systems to mimic the native cellular interactions within the disc will also be discussed. In addition, we will review tissue cultures from explants to whole organ culture, with discussion of the media requirements and the use of loading and loading systems to maintain disc phenotype and viability during prolonged culture. The advantages and disadvantages of the systems will also be included as well as some of their uses to date.  is hosting its first ORS Webinar on Cell and Organ Based Culture Conditions of the Intervertebral Disc.

Wednesday, October 28
10:00 AM – 11:15 AM CDT

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Advocacy in the US

As one of the core values of the ORS, Advocacy has always been extremely important to the society.

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Strategic partnerships are key to increasing the society’s effectiveness.

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