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The purpose of the ORS

The purposes of this Corporation are to promote, support, develop and encourage research in surgery and musculoskeletal disease and disciplines related thereto; to provide, support, develop and sponsor educational activities related to the foregoing, and to provide a forum for dissemination of knowledge in the fields.

As stated 1982 – ORS Articles of Incorporation – 501 (c)(3)

ORS 2020


To advance musculoskeletal research worldwide


A world without musculoskeletal limitations

Core Values:

  • Scientific excellence and integrity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Partnership
  • Advocacy
  • Diversity

Goals and Objectives

Goal area: Adapt to the changing research environment

Goal: Empower current and potential members with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in the changing research environment

Objective 1: Strengthen the ORS as the forum for the exchange of interdisciplinary, diverse, and innovative musculoskeletal research developments

Objective 2: Promote and advance member awareness of and access to new research tools and technologies

Objective 3: Enable members to respond to and influence regulatory and legislative changes

Goal Area: Strategic partnerships

Goal: Increase the society’s effectiveness in improving the global musculoskeletal research environment for our current and potential members

Objective 1: Increase partnerships and collaborations dedicated to research, outreach and education worldwide

Objective 2: Promote the formation of global inter-disciplinary teams

Objective 3: Cultivate the translation of research to clinical care

Objective 4: Catalyze existing partnerships and develop novel partnerships with industry

Goal Area: Funding

Goal: Increase governmental, industrial, and private funding for musculoskeletal research commensurate with societal burden

Objective 1: Increase awareness of the societal burden of musculoskeletal disease

Objective 2: Advocate for an annual increase in the governmental budgets dedicated to musculoskeletal research

Objective 3: Increase industry funding for musculoskeletal research

Objective 4: Increase funding from philanthropic donors

Goal Area: Diversity and Professional Development

Goal: Assure diversity, expertise and experience within our current and future potential membership

Objective 1: Strive to increase the number of musculoskeletal scientists and improve their success

Objective 2: Assure the success and involvement of clinician scientists

Objective 3: Expand professional advancement and scientific programming for our research community

Objective 4: Promote, exhibit and celebrate diversity within our community

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