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The ORS Orthopaedic Implants Section was launched August 2016. This section will serve as a unified voice in developing implant related programming is needed to serve these members better.

This section represents ORS members from around the world including biologists, clinicians, engineers, orthopaedic surgeons, veterinarians, and more.

This section was formed with collaborations by the ORS and Implant RIG. The ORS is the most important research platform to bring together experts from various disciplines to foster the multidisciplinary interaction which is required to improve the quality of the implants, ensure that new implants are adequately tested at the pre-clinical stage, that implants are introduced carefully to the orthopaedic market and that the clinical outcome is appropriately registered.

ORS Orthopaedic Implants 2017 Meeting

Check out highlights from the first annual ORS Orthopaedic Implants Section Meeting held on Sunday, March 19 in San Diego, California.

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