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Meeting Organizers

Peter Augat, MD, Section Senior Advisory Board
Chelsea Bahney, PhD, Section Research & Education Chair
Mathias P.G. Bostrom, MD, Section Senior Advisory Board
Chantal Chenu, PhD, Section Member-at-Large
David Hak, MD, MBA, Section Chair
Jörg Goldhahn, MD, PhD, Section Senior Advisory Board
Allen Goodship, MD, Section Senior Advisory Board
Amy Hoang-Kim, MSc, PhD, Section Chair Elect
Alan Johnstone, MD, Section Treasurer
Ralph Marcucio, PhD, Section Secretary
Cyril Mauffrey, MD, Section Membership Chair
Takahiro Niikura, MD, Section Member-at-Large
Emil Schemitsch, MD, Section Member-at-Large
Yoshinobu Watanabe, MD, Section Membership Chair 

ORS ISFR 2017 Reception and Meeting Highlights

The ORS ISFR leadership hosted a networking reception on Saturday, March 18 which invited those interested in fracture repair and bone healing to attend.

On Sunday, March 19, the ORS ISFR held a business meeting and consensus workshop to introduce the section and engage in discussion to assist the section with future initiatives and goals.

The ORS ISFR scientific program took place after the business meeting and consensus workshop. The meeting featured a Senior Investigator Symposium on Unmet clinical needs and future research directions in fracture healing and a Junior Investigator Symposium.

Senior Investigator Symposium


  • Peter Augat, PhD, Institute for Biomechanics Murnau
  • David Hak, MD, Denver Health
  • Kurt Hankenson, PhD, DVM, University of Michigan
  • Jeff Lotz, PhD, UCSF


  • Chelsea Bahney, PhD, (Orthopaedic Trauma Institute, University of California San Francisco)

Junior Investigator Symposium – 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Amy Hoang-Kim, PhD, ORS ISFR Chair Elect, presented the ORS ISFR Junior Symposium 3 Minute Thesis award winner, Sarah Wong, University of California San Francisco during the ORS 2017 Annual Meeting in San Diego.

The symposium featured exciting 3 minute thesis style presentations from 10 nominated students/trainees. Participants were nominated on behalf of the ORS ISFR leadership. All presentations were judged and the top presentation received complimentary registration to attend the ORS ISFR 2018 Meeting taking place in Japan.

Participants included

  • Beth Bragdon, PhD, Boston University School of Medicine
  • Albert Cheng, MS, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Christopher Erickson, University of Colorado Denver
  • Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, University of Ulm
  • Monica Lin, PhD, UC Berkeley
  • Anna McDermott, University of Notre Dame
  • Meghan Moran, PhD, Rush University Medical Center
  • Sarah Wong, University of California San Francisco
  • Daniel Youngstrom, PhD, University of Michigan
Meeting Agenda
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