The Orthopaedic Research Society values the interest of our members to serve the society in a leadership role and is committed to ensure transparency in the process of our ORS annual election.

The following ORS members were elected by our members to serve on the ORS Board of Directors beginning in 2020.

Marjolein van der Meulen, PhD
ORS 2nd Vice President (Succession to President 2022 – 2023)

The ORS should continue to be the premier organization for the orthopaedic research community. We want to be the organization that leads and sets the milestones for research, education, community and advocacy. The strategic vision of “a world without musculoskeletal limitations” through research, education, community and advocacy and the society’s core values resonate with the values defining my own career. Many of us initially come to the ORS for the research, and we stay for the community. When I compare today’s ORS to the society of my first meeting in 1988, the growth is astounding. Today we are so much more than the annual meeting. What is particularly important to me is that this growth includes increased mentoring, professional development and leadership training. I would like to continue to be involved with strengthening the organization and our impact on the musculoskeletal community. Serving in the ORS Presidential line will be an incredible honor.

X. Edward Guo, PhD

ORS has always been my home society and I have grown my entire academic career with ORS since I was a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow, and junior faculty member.  The ORS society is a very important community that I learned and updated my scientific knowledge of musculoskeletal research, the function and organization of a professional society, and developed my academic leadership skills.

Magali Cucchiarini, PhD
Member at Large

I am an ORS Member since many years and had the great opportunity to serve this unique Society at different levels. I wish to continue to support the ORS as a member from outside the United States so it continues to grow around the world as the premium Society in orthopaedic research. I also wish to support young researchers to foster their career so they become actively involved at the ORS for the future of the Society. Being outside the United States, but having been a post-doctoral fellow there (Harvard Medical School 1998-2001) and having developed numerous collaborations with researchers worldwide (US, Europe, China…), I will be very dedicated to serve as a liaison to the general membership.