The ORS is thrilled to announce that the Australia has been selected as the 2020 Guest Nation. The Guest Nation Program honors our colleagues in Australia and recognizes their contributions to the field of musculoskeletal research and orthopaedic care.

Monday, February 10
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Organized by Guest Nation – Australia
Organizers: David Ackland, PhD and Peter Lee, PhD

Recent advances in computer aided engineering and additive manufacturing are transforming treatment of bone and joint conditions through development of personalised implants and surgeries. Small and medium enterprises often lack resources for research and development of medical implants, with few established pathways to assist them with understanding the regulatory environment critical to their success. The purpose of this workshop will be to:1. Evaluate bottle-necks in current development and commercialisation pathways for personalised implant technologies2. Determine knowledge and technology required for rigorous development and evaluation of pre-clinical and clinical test methods, personalised medical implants and decision support tools 3. Establish a framework or methodology to support the use, and increase the rate of success, of personalised implant technologies.

A Multidisciplinary Platform for the Development of Personalised Medical Implant Technologies
Peter Lee, PhD, University of Melbourne

Measurement and Modeling Strategies for Innovative Implant Solutions
Mark Taylor, PhD, Flinders University

Implant Integration and Prevention of Implant Infection Through Modelling, Manufacture and Development of Novel Biomaterials and Tissue Engineered Constructs
Hala Zreiqat, PhD, The University of Sydney

Innovative Approaches for Intra and Post-Operative Management of Implant Recipients and Evaluation of Clinical Outcomes of Novel Implant Surgeries
Bogdan Solomon, PhD, Adelaide Medical School

John Bateman, PhD
Guest Nation: Australia

Modeling Cartilage Development and Disease Using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Hala Zreiqat, PhD AM FAHMS FIOR
The University of Sydney

ORS Opening Session
Saturday, February 8, 2020