Purpose of Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

RIGs foster the thoughtful exchange of ideas within the global multi-disciplinary community of the ORS by providing the opportunity to engage in informative, transformative, and live discussion with colleagues in a specific area of musculoskeletal research, whether basic, applied, clinical, and/or orthopaedic. To explore content that is complementary or different to the ORS Annual Meeting, RIGs are encouraged to focus on unique approaches, methodologies, diseases, or connections that inspire brainstorming across our multi-disciplinary groups.

What is expected from the organizers of RIGs:

  • A written plan for the content, focus, and target audience of the RIG
  • Names of all organizers and speakers
  • Identification of preferred date / time of the proposed RIG
  • A post-RIG report on the attendance, its scientific relevance, and summary of next steps (if any)

What organizers of RIGs can expect from ORS:

  • A review of the content / focus of the proposed RIG with final approval
  • Support from ORS in regard to logistics and promotion
  • Feedback / support after their event (if any)
  • Support from ORS in regard to logistics, promotion, and evaluation

If you are interested in organizing a RIG at the ORS 2020 Annual Meeting, please review the additional details below and submit your application no later than Friday, November 8, 2019.

Available Dates & Times to Host a RIG

Friday, February 7, 20202:00 PM - 6:00 PM
(60 minutes - 2 hours)
The Art of Grantsmanship (Part II)
ORS Preclinical Models Section Workshop
ORS ISFR Scientific Meeting
Sunday, February 9, 20206:15 AM - 7:45 AMIndustry Connect (starts at 7:30 AM)
12:15 PM – 1:30 PM
(60 – 75 minutes)
ORS Women's Leadership Forum Luncheon
Monday, February 10, 20206:15 AM - 7:45 AM
(60 - 90 minutes)
Poster Session 2 Poster Pick-up & Set-up
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
(60 minutes)
ORS Business Meeting
ORS Preclinical Models Section Scientific Meeting
ORS Meniscus Section Scientific Meeting
7:15 PM - 9:15 PM
(60 minutes - 2 hours)
ORS Leadership Reception (invitation only)
Tuesday, February 11, 20206:15 AM - 7:45 AM No conflicts

Abstracts submitted and accepted for presentation (podium and moderated posters) at the ORS 2020 Annual Meeting are prohibited from being presented during a RIG.  If there is interest, only posters that are not selected for a moderated poster MAY be presented, only with written approval by the ORS administrative team and by request with your application.

We do not recommend that RIGs offer food or beverage.  However, this is dependent upon the organizers.

Based on space availability, Research Interest Group meetings will be scheduled at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Meeting space will be assigned based on estimated group size, meeting type and time. Priority will be given to groups who submit their meeting request by the deadline date.

All Research Interest Groups will be promoted on the ORS website, ORS Connect, the Annual Meeting Program Book and mobile app.

Meeting rooms assigned for RIGs may or may not have audio visual, this will be dependent upon the estimated number of attendees noted in your application.

As required, and per our agreement to host our meeting at the convention center, ORS has a number of hotels near the convention center and has negotiated rates that are less than rates normally charged by the hotel.  The ORS Board of Directors strongly encourages all ORS Annual Meeting attendees to book their stay at one of the ORS designated hotels.

Staying at an ORS hotel is a great way to support the organization and make sure we meet our contractual obligations to these hotels. Any fees we pay hotels in penalties by not filling our designated hotels negatively impacts our ability to support the important initiatives in support of our research community!