Robust Results in Clinical Research and
Navigating the Challenges of being a Clinician-Scientist

Sunday, February 9
10:45 AM – 12:15 PM

Organized by the ORS Clinical Research Forum Committee

This year’s clinical research forum will focus on a set of topics aimed at improving how we interpret and perform clinical research. First, we will have a talk on indices of important differences in clinical research followed by another talk on the concept of the fragility index to gauge the robustness of clinical research results. Next, the benefits and drawbacks of early stopping rules in clinical research will be presented followed by some tips and tools using a real world example of how to manage multi-centered studies. Next, an experienced clinical researcher will provide advice on becoming a successful clinical researcher and finally the panel will sit down and take questions from the audience. This year’s clinical research forum will provide you with a series of tools to improve your own clinical research projects and program.

Joel J Gagnier ND, MSc, PhD, University of Michigan

MCID/MID and Other Measures of Clinical Significance in Orthopaedics
Raveendhara R. Bannuru MD, PhD, Tufts University

Fragility Index and Related Concepts
PJ Devereaux MD, PhD, McMaster University

Early Stopping Rules
PJ Devereaux MD, PhD, McMaster University

Performing a Multi-centered Study in Orthopaedics
James J. Irrgang PT, PhD, University of Pittsburg

How to be a Clinical Researcher / Clinician Scientist
Volker Musahl MD, University of Pittsburg

Panel Discussion
All Speakers

*Presentations and Faculty subject to change