Bench to Bedside: How Appropriate Preclinical Models are Imperative to Translation

Friday, February 12, 2021
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Choosing the appropriate preclinical model when taking an idea from bench to bedside means the difference between success and failure of bringing an idea to market in research.  Utilizing the correct animal model is not easy and many of us fall into similar traps in that we use the model that we are familiar with, or that is financially viable but not entirely applicable. Often, we learn best from experiences of others that have had wonderful successes and even more impactful, epic failures.

This workshop is geared towards young investigators but also investigators at all career stages.  We have chosen three teams of investigators in which one is a basic scientist and one is a clinician and these “pairs” have brought an idea from bench (in vitro) to bedside (in vivo) successfully using animal models.  These teams will highlight the lessons learned along the way including how the appropriate animal models were chosen, FDA implications, how proper numbers of animals were decided upon and their valuable insights if they “had to do it all over again”.  All attendees will be encouraged to submit questions and be part of the conversation. Ample discussion time is planned for each segment of the workshop.

Tentative Program: 

Laurie Goodrich, DVM, PhD**, Diplomate ACVS, Colorado State University, ORS Preclinical Models Section Chair

Session 1
Progression of BEAR Technique: from idea to FDA approved clinical trials: the preclinical models pivotal in the journey

Session 2:  Therapeutic targeting of post-impact chondrocyte mitochondrial metabolism as a treatment for PTOA – lessons from the minipig

Session 3: Optimizing the surface dependent biological effect from benchtop to patient

Networking Reception/Social Hour 

*Please note program and speakers are subject to change.

**Names in bold are ORS Preclinical Section members.