It is our honor and privilege to invite the British Orthopaedic Research Society (BORS) to represent the United Kingdom as our ORS 2022 Guest Nation. BORS members have contributed significantly to the field of orthopaedic research and to the ORS as an organization.


Deborah Mason, PhD, Catherine Pendegrass, PhD, Mark Wilkinson, MB, ChB, PhD, FRCS

Interfaces occur between tissue types with differing material properties, and cell and matrix components. Age, disease, and trauma can influence interactions between interfaces. This Workshop will focus on the importance of such interfaces in the joint and how they are considered in various models. It will describe current research on interfaces between different biological tissues in both disease and sports -related injury models and question whether our models of these interactions are appropriate. Full consideration of interactions between tissues and improvement of the models used to study interfaces would develop our understanding of potential intervention strategies and regenerative therapies.


Workshop Outline
Mark Wilkinson MB, ChB, PhD, FRCS
University of Sheffield

The Tendon-Bone Interface
Catherine Pendegrass, PhD
University College London

Bone Nerve Interface
Prof Deborah Mason, PhD
University of Cardiff

Cartilage Bone and Inter Tissue Interfaces in the Intervertebral Disc
Christine Le Maitre, PhD
Sheffield Hallam University

Mark Wilkinson, PhD, FRCS (Tr&Orth)
University of Sheffield

The Molecular Landscape of OA and Prospects for Disease Modifying Drugs