The original ballot materials contained errors in the biosketches and/or personal statements for some of the candidates. These were subsequently corrected. All the candidate materials are accurate as of 11.09.22.

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Peter C. Amadio, MD
Chair, ORS Nominating Committee

On behalf of the ORS Nominating Committee, the final slate of candidates for the ORS Board of Directors elections is now available for your vote. The positions currently open are 2nd Vice President (Engineer), Secretary, Member-at-Large (Established), Member-at-Large (Early Career/Post-Graduate). The candidates for each position are listed below.

2nd Vice President

Anton Bowden, PhD
Edward Guo, PhD
Suzanne Maher, PhD


Dawn Elliott, PhD
Francis Lee, MD, PhD
Martin Stoddart, PhD

Members-at-Large (Established)

Nadeen Chahine, PhD
Markus Wimmer, PhD

Members-at-Large (Early Career/Post-Graduate)

Kelsey Collins, PhD
John Martin, PhD

The most important factors considered by the Nominating Committee when selecting the final slate were the candidates’ commitment, dedication, and engagement within the society. As you can see when reading their biosketch and vision statement, all candidates have played a vital role in the research community and within the ORS.

We would like to thank all the candidates for their willingness to serve our vibrant organization!

The deadline to vote is Sunday, November 27, 2022.

Thank you.

Peter Amadio, MD
Chair, ORS Nominating Committee

ORS Nominating Committee

Roger Cornwall, MD
Matt Silva, PhD
Jennifer Westendorf, PhD
Vincent Wang, PhD

Please note: Only ORS members are eligible to vote. You will be required to provide your login and password in order to access the ballot. If you have any questions, please contact the ORS team at [email protected] or (847) 823-5770.