It is our honor and privilege to invite the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, and National University of Ireland Galway to represent Ireland as our ORS 2023 Guest Nation. ORS members from Ireland have contributed significantly to field of orthopaedic research and to the ORS as an organization. These institutions have organized the following programming during the ORS 2023 Annual Meeting.

Spotlight Speaker

David Hoey, PhD

Trinity College Dublin

Mechano-Biologically Inspired Therapeutics and Materials for Bone Repair

Scientific Workshop: Skeletal Mechanobiology: From Fundamentals to Therapeutic Opportunities


Fergal O’Brien, PhD and Laoise McNamara, PhD

Mechanical stimuli play critical roles in directing skeletal tissue development, are fundamental to skeletal health and can play a role in the aetiology of disease. Physical exercise can have a powerful regenerative effect on skeletal tissues through stimulation of anabolic mechanosensitive cell signalling pathways. However, mechanical loading can also be injurious, and in degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, can propagate cell dysfunction and inflammation. Advances in understanding of the roles of specific mechanosensory machinery in response to loading, have highlighted molecular processes that can be targeted to promote regeneration. Improved understanding of the impact of mechanobiology on skeletal tissue development and regulation may enable identification of therapeutic targets, development of precision therapeutics and mechanically regulated biomaterials that promote regeneration, and enable restoration of healthy mechanical environments in disease.