The ORS Innovation Network serves as a hub for orthopaedic clinical translation and the commercialization process of early-stage ideas to provide a home for innovation within the field of orthopaedics.

ORS Industry Alliance Committee

This session will provide guidance on how to present scientific results as they relate to technology and associated techniques to various audiences such as industry representatives, academic scientists, clinicians and their current and prospective patients.

ORS Industry Alliance Committee and ORS Innovation Network

This session provides practical advice on skills needed to pitch to industry which is an important step in successful translation.

ORS Industry Alliance Committee and ORS Innovation Network

Over the past decade, the postgraduate-training career landscape has been dramatically changing with unique opportunities in industry, ranging from R&D in mainstream biotech sector, to consulting, startup and VC firms. This workshop brings together a diverse panel of speakers with successful non-academic careers discussing career opportunities from different perspectives.

ORS Industry Alliance Committee and ORS Innovation Network

The purpose of this session is to discuss areas of development in the regulatory field as they relate to Orthopedics, including topics around changing regulations, FDA vs. international regulators, and specific trends being seen.

Guest Clinical Society – American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM)

Identifying novel solutions to unmet clinical needs requires cross-disciplinary expertise and creative brainstorming find targeted and feasible approaches to previously unsolved clinical problems. This Session will combine virtual and in-person scientific sessions to includes a presentation from an industry leader to explain the power and process of effective brainstorming followed by 3-4 short presentations by clinicians that specialize in Sports Medicine describing an unmet clinical need in their field. Attendees will then be divided according to their background into small groups and participate in guided brainstorming of solutions that could address one of the unmet clinical needs. The session will conclude with a report-out and discussion of the brainstorming results.

The purpose of the ORS Business Innovation Competition (BIC) program is to provide the resources and opportunity for both early-stage companies, as well as clinicians, researchers, students of all levels with a great idea in the field of musculoskeletal research to participate in a program to validate the market potential of their technology and develop a commercialization plan through expert mentorship and feedback to assist in translating their ideas from bench to market. This session will provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary feedback and collaboration between industry, academics, and clinicians.