Ambika G. Bajpayee, PhD
Northeastern University

Bioelectricity for Cartilage Drug Delivery and Imaging

Lisbet Haglund, PhD
McGill University

Senescence in Intervertebral Disc Disease: From Basic Knowledge to Therapeutic Opportunities

David Hoey, PhD
Trinity College Dublin

Guest Nation – Ireland

Mechano-Biologically Inspired Therapeutics and Materials for Bone Repair

Alice Huang, PhD
Columbia University

Derivation of Fibrous Connective Tissue Lineages from Pluripotent Stem Cells

Michael Kjaer, MD
Bispebjerg Hospital University of Copenhagen

Physiological and Pathological Adaptation to Exercise in Human Tendon

William M. Mihalko, MD, PhD
Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics/University of Tennessee

The Possible Role of Cobalt Chromium and Biologic Corrosion in TKA Outcomes

Rachel Miller, PhD
Rush University

Crosstalk as a Mediator of Osteoarthritis Pain: Integrating Mechanics and Inflammation

Grace O’Connell, PhD
University of California-Berkeley

Multi-Scale Modeling of the Intervertebral Disc: Opportunities to Create Better Tools for Planning Spine Surgery

Ling Qin, PhD
University of Pennsylvania

Single-Cell Profiling of Skeletal Progenitors in Bone

Edward Schwarz, PhD
University of Rochester

What is an International Consensus Meeting and How Does it Establish the Most Important Research Questions in a Field?  Lesions from the ORS ICM on Musculoskeletal Infection

Karin Silbernagel, PT, ATC, PhD
University of Delaware

A Clinician Scientist’s Journey from Treating Tendon Injuries on the Soccer Field to 20 Years of Tendon Research