Congratulations to the ORS 2024 Annual Meeting Award and Grant Recipients!

Thank you to the following individuals for their contributions in advancing orthopaedic research. In celebrating the accomplishments of these individuals, the ORS is reminded of the profound significance of their work in shaping the future of musculoskeletal health.

The following award winners will be recognized at the ORS 2024 Annual Meeting. Click the button below to download the awards recognition schedule.

*If you are an award winner, please sit in the reserved seating located at the front of your award recognition session indicated on the schedule. 

Women’s Leadership Forum Award: Sibylle Grad, PhD

Outstanding Achievement in Mentoring Award: Tamara Alliston, PhD

Adele L. Boskey, PhD Award: Alayna E Loiselle, PhD

William Harris Award: Khosro Fallahnezhad, PhD and Stuart Callary, PhD

Distinguished Investigator Award: Timothy Wright, PhD

Marshall R. Urist MD Award: Lawrence Bonassar, PhD

Arthur Steindler: Susanna Chubinskaya, PhD

ORS/RJOS Young Female Investigator Travel Grant: Annemarie Lang, DVM, PhD

Kappa Delta – Young Investigator: Nathaniel Dyment, PhD, FAAOS

Kappa Delta Anne Doner Vaughn Award: John Kuhn, MD, MS, FAAOS and Warren Dunn, MD, MPH, FAAOS

Kappa Delta Elizabeth Winston Lanier Award: John Clohisy, MD, FAAOS and Co-Authors – Jeffrey Nepple, MS, MD, FAAOS; Paul E. Beaule, MD, FRCSC; Ira Zaltz, MD, FAAOS; Michael Millis, MD, FAAOS; Rafael Sierra, MD, FAAOS; Young-Jo Kim, MD, PhD, FAAOS; Daniel Sucato, MS, MD, FAAOS; Ernest Sink, MD, FAAOS; and The Anchor Group

OREF Clinical Research Award: Christopher Evans, PhD, FAAOS and Co-Authors: Paul Robbins, PhD; Steve Ghivizzani, PhD

ORS/OREF Translational Science Travel Grant: Alex Lambi, PhD; Felipe Gonzalez, MD; Jaehwang Song, MD, PhD; John Hamilton, MD, PhD; Joseph Patterson, MD; Keisuke Matsukura, MD; Kenichi Kono, MD, PhD; Laura Moore, DHSc, PA, DFAAPA; Min Gyu Kyung, MD, PhD; Shota Higashihira, MD, PhD, BSc; Tomoyuki Kamenaga, MD, PhD; and Yoshiyuki Yahagi, MD, PhD 

JOR Basic Science: Michael Mullen and Co-Author: Kate Williams, PhD

JOR Clinical Science: Emily Bishop, PhD

JOR Spine Early Career Award: Junxuan Ma, PhD and John Martin, PhD

JOR Translational Science: Keita Ito, MD, PhD and Meike Kleuskens, PhD

JOR Early Career Award: Brianne Connizzo, PhD

Stryker/ORS Women’s Research Fellowship: Mary Bucklin, PhD

ON Education: Luca Ambrosio, MD; Alexander Knights, PhD; Shirley (Nina) Tang, MS; Stephanie Doyle, PhD; Hannah Zlotnick, PhD; Stephanie Steltzer; Allison Horenberg; Garrett Easson; and Justin King, BS

ON/ORS Orthoregeneration Award: Austyn Matheson, PhD, MSc, BEng

ON/ORS Kick-Starter Grants: Jay Trivedi, PhD and Tomas Gonzalez Fernandez, PhD

ISFR Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter Augat, PhD

ORS Meniscus Section Impact Award: Suzanne Maher, PhD

Dr. Peter J. Roughley Award: Janitri Venkatachala Babu, MS

ORS Spine Section Travel Fellowship: Emma Coltoff

ORS Spine Section Diversity Award: Tarek Klaylat; Duby Okonkwo; Daniel Garcia; Mikkael Jozsef Lamoca; Zakiy Alfikri; Christian Gonzalez; Shea Middleton; David Barreto; Leonardo Campos; Maria Astudillo Potes; and Andy Ton

ORS Early Career Outreach Travel Award (Open Door): Marguerite Pacheco; Arianna Gomez; Amel Sassi; Melissa Requist; Lainie Eisner; Michael Duffy; Gerardo Figueroa; Sydney Caparaso; Moriah Martindale; and Madhura Nijsure