It is our honor and privilege to invite the AO Foundation in Switzerland to represent Switzerland as our ORS 2024 Guest Nation.

The following programming will be featured during the ORS 2024 Annual Meeting.

Spotlight Speaker

Stephan Zeiter, DVM, PhD

AO Foundation

Demanding Models for a Challenging Clinical Problem: Preclinical Models for Orthopaedic Infection

Scientific Workshop: Tissue Degeneration and Regeneration

Saturday, February 3
2:15 pm – 3:45 pm

Martin Stoddart, PhD, AO Foundation, Geoff Richards, PhD, AO Foundation

Regeneration of damaged degenerated tissue is likely to require a multidisciplinary response. Furthermore, due to the heavy involvement of mechanoregulation, commonly used simple static in vitro culture models are unlikely to predict in vivo outcomes. This session brings together experts in cell biology, engineering, material sciences and clinicians to highlight new developments in the regeneration of multiple tissues, including intervertebral disc, cartilage, tendon, and bone. The role of mechanics in tissue response will be highlighted. New 3D printing techniques will also be discussed. The end users for new technologies are surgeons, therefore a surgeon will also provide insight into issues relevant for clinical translation.


A Brief History of Swiss Orthopaedics
Geoff Richards, AO Foundation

The Mechanics of Tendon Degeneration
Jess Snedeker, PhD, University Hospital Balgrist, ETH Zurich

Complex in vitro/ ex vivo Models for Cartilage and Disc 
Sibylle Grad, PhD, AO Research Institute

Bioprinting Cartilage 
Marcy Zenobi-Wang, PhD, ETH Zurich

Biomechanical Principles on Fracture Healing
Bryan Van de Wall, MD, Luzerner Kantonsspital

When “off-the-shelf” Implants do not fit – 3D Printed Custom-made Acetabular Implants in Salvage Cases
Martin Clauss, MD, University Hospital Basel

Guest Nation Presentations

The following papers will be presented throughout the Annual Meeting.

Saturday, February 3
9:15 am – 10:15 am

Profiles, Phenotypes and Treatments in Spine Pain

Paper # 34Bone Marrow Stromal Cells In Modic Type 1 Changes Promote Neurite Growth
Tamara Mengis; Nick Herger; Irina Heggli; Jan Devan; Jose M. Spirig; Christoph Laux; Mazda Farshad; Oliver Distler; Stefan Dudli

5:15 pm – 6:15 pm

NIRA – Shoulder, Spine and Intervertebral Disc

Paper # 92Low Back Pain Patients With Modic Type 1 Changes Exhibit Distinct Bacterial And Autoimmune Subtypes That Can Be Distinguished By Cytokines In The Blood
Irina Heggli; Tamara Mengis; Christoph J. Laux; Nick Herger; Danilo Menghini; Nadja Farshad-Amacker; Florian Brunner; Aaron J. Fields; Mazda Farshad; Oliver Distler; Stefan Dudli

Sunday, February 4
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

NIRA – Bone Injury and Regeneration

Paper # 173Diagnosis Of Infected And Aseptic Non-union Correlating Local Gene Expression And Systemic Proteomics, Mirna, And Immune Cells Profiles
Claudia Siverino; Ferdinand Weisemann; Pia Fehrenbach; Katharina Trenkwalder; Anja Heider; Gerald Atkins; Thomas Fintan Moriarty; Simon Hackl

Therapeutic Targets in Tendon and Ligament Healing

Paper # 183Phosphofructokinase-mediated Glycolysis Tunes Extracellular Matrix Remodelling In Human Tendinopathy And In Vitro Models Of Tendon Fibrosis
Maja Wolleb; Amro Hussien; Greta Moschini; Maja Bollhalder; Barbara Niederoest; Katrien De Bock; Jess Snedeker

Monday, February 5
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Late Breaking Podium

Paper # 2341Spatial Transcriptomics In Mechanomics: New Horizons In Exploring The Mechano-Regulation Of Bone Regeneration
Neashan Mathavan; Amit Singh; Francisco Correia Marques; Denise Günther; Gisela Kuhn; Esther Wehrle; Ralph Müller

Tuesday, February 6
9:15 am – 10:15 am

Role of Cells in Spine Function and Treatment

Paper # 3343D Culture Priming Sustainably Improves The Immunosuppressive Potential Of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Nick Herger; Irina Heggli; Tamara Mengis; Jan Devan; Mazda Farshad; Florian Brunner; Oliver Distler; Stefan Dudli

Poster Session 1 (Saturday-Sunday)

Bone – Diseases and Disorders

Poster # 457Subchondral Bone Plate Migration Into Trabecular Bone In Response To Direct Bone-on-bone Contact Wear In Patients With Severe Knee Osteoarthritis
Vincent A. Stadelmann; Meret Keiser; Stefan Preiss; Stephen J. Ferguson

Bone – Growth, Development and Aging

Poster # 464Are Different Glucocorticoids Equivalent In Inducing In Vitro Osteogenesis?
Nadja Vonlanthen; Martin J. Stoddart; Elena Della Bella

Infection – Treatment and Therapeutics

Poster # 975Synergistic Action Of Bacteriophage And Vancomycin In A Co-delivery Hydrogel For Localized Treatment Of Fracture-related Infection Caused By Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureu
Baixing Chen; Marco Chittò; Luis Ponce Benavente; Mercedes González Moreno; Andrej Trampuz; Jeroen Wagemans; Rob Lavigne; Thomas Fintan Moriarty

Intervertebral Disc – Diseases and Disorders

Poster # 991Single Cell RNA Sequencing Of Modic Type 1 Change Bone Marrow Cells Reveals Dendritic Cells As Central Mediators Of Inflammatory Processes
Irina Heggli; Dominik Burri; Nick Herger; Christoph J. Laux; Tamara Mengis; Nadja Farshad-Amacker; Florian Wanivenhaus; Betz Michael; José Miguel M. Spirig; Ines Unterfrauner; Florian Brunner; Michaela Zavolan; Oliver Distler; Stefan Dudli

Poster # 993Toll-like Receptor 2 Signaling Of Cartilage Endplate Cells Amplifies Inflammation In Modic Type 1 Changes
Tamara Mengis; Nick Herger; Irina Heggli; Jan Devan; Christoph J. Laux; Florian Brunner; Mazda Farshad; Oliver Distler; Stefan Dudli

Poster # 996Combined Rotations Exert A Detrimental Stress On Nucleus Pulposus Cells- Ex Vivo Simulation Of Sport Overloading On The Spine In Multiaxial Bioreactors
Amra Secerovic; Aapo Ristaniemi; Mauro Alini; Francesco Crivelli; Sarah Heub; Gilles Weder; Diane Ledroit; Stephen Ferguson; Sibylle Grad

Intervertebral Disc – Treatment and Therapeutics

Poster # 1028Combination Of An Annulus Fibrosus Repair With A Mechanically Interlocked Patch And A Nucleus Pulposus Augmentation With Acid-Tyramine Hydrogel In An Ex Vivo Model
Danilo Menghini; Esteban Ongini; Matteo D’Este; Thomas Fintan Moriarty; Sibylle Grad; Jess Snedeker; Stefan Dudli

Late Breaking Poster

Poster # 2372Linking Local Fracture Mechanics With Systemic Biological Response
Jan Barcik; Manuela Ernst; Tim Buchholz; Caroline Constant; Stephan Zeiter; Sophie Verrier

Poster # 2451Modic Change Bone Marrow Neutrophils Are Activated And Activated Neutrophils Degrade Cartilage Endplates
Irina Heggli; Tamara Mengis; Nick Herger; Mazda Farshad; Mohamed Habib; Christopher P. Ames; Oliver D. Distler; Aaron Fields; Stefan Dudli

Poster # 2452Intervertebral Disc Microbiome In Modic Changes: Lack Of Result Replication Underscores The Need For A Consensus In Low-biomass Microbiome Analysis
Tamara Mengis; Natalia Zajac; Laura Bernhard; Irina Heggli; Nick Herger; Florian Brunner; Mazda Farshad; Oliver Distler; Stefan Dudli

Poster # 2485Accumulation Of Activated TCRαβ+CD8+ and TCRVδ1+T Cells In Vertebral Bone Marrow Of Modic Change 1 Patients
Jan Devan; Nick Herger; Irina Heggli; Melina Perez Vertti Valdes; Tamara Mengis; Mazda Farshad; Oliver Distler; Stefan Dudli

Poster Session 2 (Monday-Tuesday)

Bone – Treatment and Therapeutics

Poster # 1516Restoring Implant Fixation Strength In Osteoporotic Bone With A Hydrogel Locally Delivering Zoledronic Acid And Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2. A Longitudinal In Vivo Microct Study In Rats
Vincent A. Stadelmann; Claudia Siverino; Laura Kyllönen; Linda Freitag; Keith Thompson; Styger Ursula; Stephan Zeiter; David Eglin

Poster # 1529The Choice Of Control Groups In Preclinical Bone Defect Models In Rats – A Systematic Literature Review Of Current Literature
Lotta Reimann

Poster # 1533Combining Systemic And Local Osteoporosis Treatments: A Longitudinal In Vivo Microct Study In Ovariectomized Rats
Vincent A. Stadelmann; Estelle Gerossier; Ulrike Kettenberger; Dominique Pioletti

Cartilage and Synovium – Growth, Development and Aging

Poster # 1577Establishment Of An Ex Vivo Osteochondral Explant And Synovium Co-culture System
Fatemeh Safari; Sibylle Grad; Martin Stoddart; Zhen Li

Cartilage and Synovium – Injury and Healing

Poster # 1587Hyperosmolar Stress: Investigating Articular Cartilage Response Using An Ex Vivo Injury Model
Shahrbanoo Jahangir; Clemens Unterguggenberger; Gian Salzmann; Martin Stoddart; Sibylle Grad; Hagen Schmal; Johanna Kubosch

Cartilage and Synovium – Mechanobiology

Poster # 1604Finite Element Model Predicting Mechanical Latent Tgf-β1 Activation In A Regenerative Cartilage Model
Laura Mecchi; Peter Schwarzenberg; Peter Varga; Martin Stoddart

Infection – Biomarkers and Outcomes

Poster # 1955Identification Of MicroRNA Biomarkers Associated With Staphylococcal Fracture-Related Infection
Claudia Siverino; Elena Della Bella; Thomas Fintan Moriarty

Infection – Treatment and Therapeutics

Poster # 1958Poly (d-amino Acid) Nanoparticles Loaded With Antibiotic Effectively Target And Destroy Staphylococcal Biofilm
Marco Chittò; Wenli Feng; Wang Xing; Thomas Fintan Moriarty

Poster # 1968Cutting And Breaking Bones Are Not Equivalent Fracture-related Infection Models: In Vivo Comparison Of Traumatic Fractures Mimicking Features Of The Clinical Condition With Simple Osteotomies
Caroline Constant; Thomas Fintan Moriarty; Niels Vanvelk; Stephan Zeiter

Tendon and Ligament -Injury and Healing

Poster # 2282Piezo1 Loss Of Function Reduces Scx+ Cell Migration And Accelerates Recovery Of Tendon Stiffness After Injury
Nicole A. Chittim; Tino Stauber; Maja Bollhalder; Maya Ben-Yehuda Greenwald; Greta Moschini; Jess G. Snedeker

Late Breaking Poster

Poster # 2537Effects Of Low Dose Bmp-2 And Immunomodulation Targeting Il-1b On Fracture Healing In A Femur Defect Model In Rats
Maria Schröder; Lena Gens; Laura Bernhard; Daniel Arens; James Tapia-Dean; Dominic Gehweiler; Stephan Zeiter; Martin Stoddart; Esther Wehrle

Poster # 2612Detecting Differences In Serum Metabolites To Diagnose Fracture Related Infection (FRI) In A Sheep Model
Claudia Siverino; Jingzhi Fan; Theresa Schiemer; Nikola G. Matusevica; Thomas Fintan Moriarty; Kristaps Klavins