It is our honor and privilege to invite the AO Foundation in Switzerland to represent Switzerland as our ORS 2024 Guest Nation.

The following programming will be featured during the ORS 2024 Annual Meeting.

Spotlight Speaker

Stephan Zeiter, DVM, PhD

AO Foundation

Demanding Models for a Challenging Clinical Problem: Preclinical Models for Orthopaedic Infection

Scientific Workshop: Tissue Degeneration and Regeneration

Martin Stoddart, PhD, AO Foundation, Geoff Richards, PhD, AO Foundation

Regeneration of damaged degenerated tissue is likely to require a multidisciplinary response. Furthermore, due to the heavy involvement of mechanoregulation, commonly used simple static in vitro culture models are unlikely to predict in vivo outcomes. This session brings together experts in cell biology, engineering, material sciences and clinicians to highlight new developments in the regeneration of multiple tissues, including intervertebral disc, cartilage, tendon, and bone. The role of mechanics in tissue response will be highlighted. New 3D printing techniques will also be discussed. The end users for new technologies are surgeons, therefore a surgeon will also provide insight into issues relevant for clinical translation.


A Brief History of Swiss Orthopaedics
Geoff Richards, AO Foundation

The Mechanics of Tendon Degeneration
Jess Snedeker, PhD, University Hospital Balgrist, ETH Zurich

Complex in vitro/ ex vivo Models for Cartilage and Disc 
Sibylle Grad, PhD, AO Research Institute

Bioprinting Cartilage 
Marcy Zenobi-Wang, PhD, ETH Zurich

Biomechanical Principles on Fracture Healing
Bryan Van de Wall, MD, Luzerner Kantonsspital

When “off-the-shelf” Implants do not fit – 3D Printed Custom-made Acetabular Implants in Salvage Cases
Martin Clauss, MD, University Hospital Basel