Being a successful scientist is more than just accelerating musculoskeletal discovery to improve health. It’s about the people and the research community conducting the science.

Conducting experiments, writing grants, attending meetings/events, cultivating memorable collaborations, and maintaining work-life integration is part of the human experience as a scientist.

There will be a total of 6 winning poems (3 per each type of poem). The Just for Fun category will highlight the top 2 winning poems.


As voted on by the ORS community the following entries are winners in each category:


LBP Research

I got Low Back Pain
while sciencing about the spine
Isn’t It Ironic

By: Nina Tang, The Ohio State University


Grant review today
Still refreshing eRA
Shoot, It’s not discussed.

By: Brianne Connizzo, PhD, Boston University


Alpine Cliff Life

There once was a skier who wanted big air,
But he scuffed the jump and got an ACL tear.
His cartilage screamed and his joint shuddered,
Post-traumatic OA awaited as he recovered
His new foe, climbing a single stair.

By: Matthew Thompson, Montana State University

Error: File Too Large

To image the osteocyteis a marvel, a joy, a delight
But the fun is diminished when your rendering’s finished and upload fails,
’cause its 6 terrabytes

By: Chelsea Heveran, PhD, Montana State University

Just for Fun

Bone-Apart Fails in Russia

Napoleon Bone-apart
Ulna wanted to rule France, to start
But Euro-conquest allured
and was very nearly secured except,
tibia honest, invading Russia in winter’s not smart

By: Chelsea Heveran, PhD, Montana State University

Cat Bosses

Three Siamese cats
Enforcing work-life balance
Cuddles are a must!

By: Vanessa Sherk, PhD, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Be sure check out all of the entries below. Thank you to everyone who submitted and shared!