ORS offers a variety of ways for our members to get involved by serving on a committee, and it is through your service that ORS has been able to continue to be the most prominent international musculoskeletal research society in the world.

  • All ORS members in good standing are eligible to apply, including those living outside of the United States.
  • All applicants must be an ORS member in good standing with membership dues paid through December 2021.

Committees and Terms

  • Committees listed below are seeking volunteers.
  • Terms may range from 2-3 years.
  • Committee appointments will be announced in early January 2021 and begin February 2021.

ORS typically receives more volunteer applications each year than open positions. Therefore, application does not guarantee appointment to a committee.  However, if you are not selected for service, we will reach out to you with other ways and suggestions on how to become involved.

Volunteer Requirements and Expectations

ORS committees are working committees and you will be asked to complete special assignments outside of the scheduled commit

As an ORS volunteer, you are responsible in the following ways:

  • Attend scheduled monthly committee meetings
  • Complete tasks/projects as assigned and accepted
  • Participating in your committee’s programs on a regular basis
  • Complete an annual disclosure, agreeing to uphold the ORS aspirational ethics, and the code of conduct.
  • Have fun!

Deadline to apply: Monday, November 23, 2020

Publications Advisory Board

The Publications Advisory Board (PAB) works with the ORS Board of Directors and the Editors of the Journal of Orthopaedic Research® (JOR) and JOR Spine to oversee and guide scientific publication activities, and to help develop innovative strategies to increase the relevance, quality, and accessibility of both Journals.

Term: 2 -3 years
Seeking: 1 member
Committee Best Suited For: Members (active/affiliate)

The following individuals are ineligible to serve on the Publications Advisory Board (PAB):

  • A member of the JOR or JOR Spine Editorial Board
  • An Associate Editor for JOR, JOR Spine or any orthopaedic specific journal
  • A member of a PAB or equivalent committee for any musculoskeletal research society

Advocacy Council Committees 

Public Outreach Committee

The Public Outreach Committee promotes the importance of musculoskeletal research and the need for increased, sustainable funding.  The ideal candidate will be someone that would like to advocate for increased opportunities for orthopaedic research at academic, industry, and regulatory levels. Increased opportunities include funding of research, funding of training programs, and streamlining regulations.

Term: 2 years
Seeking: 5 members

The Scientific Communications Committee promotes the ORS as the pre-eminent leader of musculoskeletal research across the globe. It seeks to advance basic, translational, and clinical orthopaedic research within and outside of the ORS.  Interested candidates will have an interest in working to spotlight musculoskeletal research through the media, online and through social media. An interest in current events is also helpful.

Term: 2 years
Seeking: 2 members

The ORS Social Media Committee will utilize online communication to inform the public and ORS members of the latest orthopaedic research, build community, and promote the mission of ORS. This committee will serve as a conduit for enhancing the ORS’s core values by curating at least a combined total of 20 original content posts per week pertaining to musculoskeletal press releases, research publications (JOR and JOR Spine) and ORS events and outreach. The Social Media Committee will foster diversity and collaboration among ORS members by providing them a platform to meet and engage with the broader ORS community.

Expectations of ORS Social Media Committee Members:

  • Maintain a professional and positive social media presence
  • Generate original and high-quality posts at least twice per week
  • Participate in bimonthly teleconference calls

Term: 2 years
Seeking: 2 members

Collaborations Council Committees 

The purpose of the Global Engagement Committee is to nurture and promote the global engagement and collaboration efforts of the ORS. By committing to global engagement, ORS, its members, and the entire musculoskeletal research community will benefit from the richness of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Term: 3 years
Seeking: 3 members
Committee best suited for: Members (active/affiliate)
Specifics: Canada, Europe, United States, Asia/Middle East

Career Development Council Committees 

IEC functions as a forum to engage industry membership and promote the exchange of information of mutual interest and benefit among the Orthopaedic Research Society membership, its Board of Directors, and the orthopaedic industry. Current committee members come from a diverse background in biology and engineering. They hold industry positions, primarily in research and development (R&D), from experienced individual contributors to senior management.  We are seeking motivated industry researchers that appreciate the depth of basic and applied science and the challenges of improving access to therapies and healthcare for patients. Academic researchers with experience in start-up companies or industry-sponsored research are also encouraged to consider volunteering.

Term: 3 years
Seeking: 1 member
Committee best suited for: Members (active/affiliate) affiliated with industry

The NIMC encourages and fosters the development of the new musculoskeletal investigators.

Term: 2 years
Seeking: 2 members
Committee Best Suited For: Members (active/affiliate), Student/Trainee (associate) members

Community Council Committees 

To cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and engaged ORS community by increasing access and opportunities.  Ensure the incorporation of strategic objectives relating to DEI are incorporated into the society governance structure, initiatives, and programs.

Term: 2 years
Seeking: 1 member

The Membership Committee mission is to recruit new members, retain current members, initiate, and facilitate communication between ORS and members, and develop membership benefits and resources.

Term: 2 years
Seeking: 4 members

The WLF will mentor, foster, encourage and inspire women in orthopaedic research at all stages of their career, and advise and support women on career and leadership opportunities in orthopaedic-related organizations.

Term: 2 years
Seeking: TBD

Additional Opportunities

ORS Ambassadors encourage new membership, serve as a conduit for the transfer of ideas between local members and the ORS Membership Committee, and also organize powered by programs, meet & greets, and symposia that bring the local/regional research community together.

Serving as an ORS Ambassador is open to all ORS members who fit in the criteria as outline below.

To serve as an ORS Ambassador, members will be expected to:

  • Be an ORS member in good standing for at least 3 years
  • Have attended at least 2 ORS Annual Meetings within the last 5 years
  • Plan to attend the ORS Annual Meeting and/or another ORS meeting/event during their time as an Ambassador
  • Participate in all committee meetings including teleconference calls and in-person at ORS Annual Meeting
  • Actively contribute as a member of the committee or group
  • Agree as an ORS member to uphold the ORS Aspirational Ethics
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a fellow ORS member

Term: 2 years
Looking for members in the following areas: United States, outside of the United States
Best suited for: Members (active/affiliate), Student/Trainee (associate) members

ORS Ambassador Application Process

  • Complete the ORS Ambassador application to volunteer.
  • Upon review of your application, the ORS team will set up a brief candidate interview with the ORS Ambassador Selection team either via skype or teleconference call.
  • Candidate’s application and interview will be shared for final approval by the ORS Membership Committee.

ORS Insiders are volunteers who will provide essential information to colleagues and increase awareness of ORS activities and initiatives that will ultimately benefit our community and everyone in the field of musculoskeletal research.

As an ORS Insider, you will actively participate in our efforts to achieve our mission to advance musculoskeletal research worldwide. You will receive important updates/news on things of importance to our community including scientific education, funding/award opportunities, career advancement and mentoring opportunities.

ORS Insiders will also be given an exclusive opportunity to serve as a volunteer at the ORS Annual Meeting, and at other regional and international programs and events.

The ideal ORS Insiders will:

  • Be an ORS Student/Trainee member in good standing
  • Serve for a minimum of a 1-year period
  • Uphold the ORS Aspirational Ethics. (Please take a moment to complete the form.)
  • Read ORS Connect (online newsletter) and print a copy to be placed on your department bulletin board
  • Receive flyers and print copies to be placed on your department bulletin board
  • Serve as a contact person for the ORS Ambassador in your region. (Check out the map to locate the ORS Ambassador in your area.)
  • Volunteer at the ORS Annual Meeting

Be part of #ORSNation.

ORS Insiders should not currently hold any other volunteer positions within the ORS.

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