The Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) is the leading member organization dedicated to advancing musculoskeletal research worldwide. We believe in:

  • Scientific Excellence and Integrity
  • Partnership
  • Collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Advocacy

Together, we are pursuing a world without musculoskeletal limitations.

Who We Are

For over 60 years, the ORS has been the leading research society supporting engineers, orthopaedic surgeons, biologists, veterinarians, clinicians and other professionals in the field of musculoskeletal research from across the globe.

Our 3,800 members focus on basic, translational, and clinical research. They come together to share the latest discoveries in the field, develop multi-disciplinary collaborations, and move the field forward to improve orthopaedic care and treatments.

The ORS continues give musculoskeletal researchers a community to share new research findings, discuss new ideas and to collaborate in new and innovative ways. The ORS offers programs that teach, mentor and encourage our members while inspiring them to move the field of orthopaedic research forward.

Biologist 11%

Clinician 13%

Engineer 23%

Orthopaedic Surgeon 13%

Other 39%

Vet 1%

Biomaterials ■ Bone ■ Cartilage & Synovium ■ Clinical Studies ■ Foot and Ankle ■ Hand and Wrist ■ Hip ■  Imaging  ■ Infection ■ Intervertebral Disc ■ Knee ■ Meniscus ■  Shoulder and Elbow  ■ Skeletal Muscle ■ Spine ■Tendon/Ligament ■ Tumors ■ Bone

Partnership Opportunities

The ORS is seeking to build long-term relationships with our corporate partners by customizing a partnership program that will help you to move toward your mission while supporting the ORS and our mission to advance musculoskeletal research worldwide.

The ORS 2021 Annual Meeting Scientific Workshops include:

Intersection of Fracture Healing and Infection

Biomechanics of Forearm Instability

Exosomes in Musculoskeletal Applications

Redefining Hip Dysplasia and Instability Mechanics Using Biomechanical Metrics

Measuring Skeletal and Implant Arthrokinematics In-vivo

Clinical Applications of Stem Cells

The Role of Portable Ultrasound in Musculoskeletal Disease

Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence – Basic Concepts and Techniques for Orthopaedic Researchers, Clinicians and Surgeons

Applications of Machine Learning from Diagnostics to Prognostics

Additively Manufactured Implants – Cool Parts, but How Far Have We Advanced on Material Safety and Characterization?

Designing and Implementing Multi-Centered Clinical Research Programs

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ORS Business Innovation Competition

The Business Innovation Competition (BIC) is an ORS program designed to highlight the commercial potential of new technologies for musculoskeletal research and therapy.  Researchers, clinicians, and engineers at all levels are invited to participate in this exciting program!  Participants will be given the opportunity to validate the market potential of their technology and develop a commercialization plan through expert mentorship and feedback to assist in translating their ideas from bench to market.  The competition includes interdisciplinary feedback and collaboration between industry, academics, and clinicians.

Art of Grantsmanship Part II: Practical Skills Workshop

Part II of our popular grant writing course! This interactive workshop includes a Specific Aims Page Lab providing participants with the opportunity to prepare and revise a specific aims page, the most important page of the grant application, with expert faculty. A subset of grant submitted by registrants will be reviewed during a LIVE Mock NIH Study Section. Don’t miss out on the networking and mentoring opportunities and the real time feedback you will receive from faculty and NIH officers.

ORS Collaborative Exchange Grant

This grant provides investigators at any stage of their career an opportunity to visit a research lab for the purpose of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

ORS Travel Grants in Orthopaedic Research Translation

These grants recognize clinician scientists and clinical investigators in the early stages of their career who have played a key or leading role in an original research project in clinical or translational medicine, and who have demonstrated excellence in training and a commitment to orthopaedic research.

Principles of Clinical Research

This online course is featured via LearnORS and provides a foundation to assess and interpret the available orthopaedic literature, and to participate in scientific progress by providing the tools needed to initiate new or contribute to existing clinical research programs.


LearnORS is an online platform that offers a complete learning experience in a format to meet learners’ educational needs.

ORS Mentor Match

We will develop a vertical mentor ladder such that senior trainees (e.g. Postdocs and residents) will provide mentoring to junior trainees (Graduate/medical/ undergraduate students), while also being mentored by a more senior scientist (e.g. Faculty, Industry Scientist).

Exploring Funding Mechanisms Part 1: Beyond NIH and Exploring Funding Sources 

This workshop on Exploring Funding Mechanisms: Beyond NIH will provide ORS meeting attendees the opportunity to learn about alternative funding opportunities as well as the application and review process.

Exploring Funding Mechanisms Part 2: Meet the Program Officers

This Networking session will follow the ‘Exploring Funding Mechanisms Part 1: Beyond NIH and provide ORS meeting attendees with an opportunity to better understand funding policies of the agencies represented in Part 1, as well as the NIH, through one-on-one personal interaction with program staff.

Building Your Research Portfolio

A career in research is often reliant upon building a portfolio of research projects, managing risk versus reward, and establishing a niche. This session covers the management of research directions at various career stages: from transitioning your postdoctoral work into an independent laboratory as an early investigator to expanding project boundaries as an established investigator.

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ORS Open Door (Community Outreach)

More information coming soon!

WLF + DEI – Inclusion of Gender and Ethnic Diversity Promotes Scientific Progress: The Rosalind Franklin Paradox

As stated by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine;

“The integrity of knowledge that emerges from research is based on individual and collective adherence to core values of objectivity, honesty, openness, fairness, accountability, and stewardship. Integrity in science means that the organizations in which research is conducted encourage those involved to exemplify these values in every step of the research process. Understanding the dynamics that support – or distort – practices that uphold the integrity of research by all participants ensures that the research enterprise advances knowledge.”

Inclusion and acceptance of gender and ethnic diversity promotes progress.  We will debate these complex topics and provide a new lens with which to view the research process.

Early Career After Party: Speed Collaborating

This annual session serves as a networking event for students/trainees and aims to foster collaboration by bringing together a diverse group of young members from different environments and disciplines and inclusive of all areas of interest.

ORS Annual Meeting Mobile App

A mobile version of the final program book that attendees throughout the meeting  including searchable posters, general meeting information, workshop information, career development sessions, exhibitor listings and much more.

ORS Annual Meeting Online Abstract Search

The Abstracts Search is an online bases search tool that allows searching current and archived abstracts by keywords, title or author.

Poster Session Reception

ORS meeting attendees are invited to join us in the Exhibit & Poster Hall for beverages and appetizers.

Speaker Ready Room

Each speaker visits the Speaker Ready Room to  finalize their oral  presentations.

Recognition and benefits vary based on level of support.

Champion:          $20,000 or more

Promoter:           $15,000 or more

Advocate:            $10,000 or more

Supporter:          $5,000 or more

Friend:                 $2,500 or more

Contact the ORS

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