The ORS International Section of Fracture Repair (ISFR)’s purpose is to expand section membership and foster diversity. To achieve this, our aim is to cultivate a rewarding and valuable section membership experience by increasing our member’s opportunity for networking, career development, and competitive grants/awards.

This grant will fund an ORS ISFR member to visit a research lab for the purpose of collaboration and knowledge exchange in the areas of fracture repair and/or bone regeneration research and to facilitate the exchange of new research methodologies and techniques.

$5,000 for one ORS ISFR (Section) member to visit a research lab for the purpose of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

These funds can be used towards travel, accommodation, and living costs for the investigator to visit research institutions to foster collaboration in fracture repair and/or bone regeneration areas and to facilitate the exchange of new research methodologies and techniques.

  • Applicant must be an ORS and ORS ISFR member in good standing.
  • Members living outside of the US are encouraged to apply.
  • Applications will be accepted from applicants at all career stages.
  • The period of exchange is expected to be a minimum of 2 weeks and may spread over more than 1 visit. Support for longer periods of exchange are also welcomed.
  • Multidisciplinary exchanges will be given priority.
  • A letter (maximum 2 pages) outlining the purpose of the visit, including a brief description of the area of intended collaboration, and the likely knowledge/skill, or collaborative outcome anticipated by the visit, and what impact the visit will likely have on their career. The letter should address the following:
    • Relevance to fracture repair,  bone regeneration, or trauma
    • Goals are focused and realistic in time provided
    • Scientific and/or career benefits for both collaborators
    • Realistic budget
    • Interdisciplinary – Is there an interdisciplinary team or approach for the project?
    • Research plan/travel/housing accounts for COVID-19 restrictions
  • A 2-page biosketch
  • A letter from the hosting institution confirming support for the visit/exchange
  • A completed budget form indicating the level of funding requested and a breakdown of the costs into travel, accommodation, and living expenses (Please use the budget template below.)
  • Budget Template (please use this template)
2021Kent Leach, PhD

Submissions are now closed.

The grant recipient will be notified August 2022.

The grant recipient will be expected to provide a brief report of their exchange experience to be shared in ORS ISFR related announcements and communications.


The mission of the ORS ISFR is to advance the science of bone biology, bone regeneration, fracture healing/repair, and trauma leading to improved patient care. Learn more.

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