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Association of life’s essential 8 and risk of fragility fractures: A large cohort study.
Hou X, Zhang N, Chen S, Guo L, Yu Y, Wei Z, Liu J, Wu S, Tian F.

Machine learning-based mortality prediction in hip fracture patients using biomarkers.
Asrian G, Suri A, Rajapakse C.

Minced muscle autografting improves bone healing but not muscle function in a porcine composite injury model.
McKinley TO, Natoli RN, Janakiram NB, Warden SJ, Fuchs RK, Gunderson Z, Diggins N, Sun S, Kolettis G, Goldman SM, Dearth CL, Mendenhall S, Staut C, Kacena MA, Corona BT.

Acute bone loss following SARS-CoV-2 infection in mice.
Haudenschild AK, Christiansen BA, Orr S, Ball EE, Weiss CM, Liu H, Fyhrie DP, Yik JHN, Coffey LL, Haudenschild DR.

A new method for segmentation and analysis of bone callus in rodent fracture models using micro-CT.
Hopkinson M, Jones G, Evans L, Gohin S, Magnusdottir R, Salmon P, Chenu C, Meeson R, Javaheri B, Pitsillides AA.

Local zinc treatment enhances fracture callus properties in diabetic rats.
Innella K, Levidy MF, Kadkoy Y, Lin A, Selles M, Sanchez A, Weiner A, Greendyk J, Moriarty B, Lauritsen K, Lopez J, Teitelbaum M, Fisher M, Mendiratta D, Ahn DB, Ippolitto J, Paglia DN, Cottrell J, O’Connor JP, Benevenia J, Lin SS.

Inhibition of CGRP signaling impairs fracture healing in mice.
Wee NKY, Novak S, Ghosh D, Root SH, Dickerson IM, Kalajzic I.

Novel slide compression anatomic plates of the femoral neck for treating unstable femoral neck fracture: A biomechanical study.
Li J, Yin P, Li J, Zhao Z, Zhao J, Cui X, Lyu H, Zhang L, Tang P.

Rethinking the 10% strain rule in fracture healing: A distal femur fracture case series.
Inacio JV, Schwarzenberg P, Kantzos A, Malige A, Nwachuku CO, Dailey HL.

Age-related decrease in periostin expression may be associated with attenuated fracture healing in old mice.
Clark D, Doelling J, Hu D, Miclau T, Nakamura M, Marcucio R.

Biomechanical guidance can improve accuracy of reduction for intra-articular tibia plafond fractures and reduce joint contact stress.
Willey MC, Kern AM, Goetz JE, Marsh JL, Anderson DD.