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Laser and electron-beam powder-bed additive manufacturing of metallic implants: A review on processes, materials and designs        Volume 34, Issue 3, pages 369 – 385, March, 2016
Swee Leong Sing, Jia An, Wai Yee Yeong, Florencia Edith Wiria

Mechanisms, prediction, and prevention of ACL injuries: Cut risk with three sharpened and validated tools
Volume 34, Issue 11, pages 1843 – 1855, November 2016
Timothy E. Hewett, Gregory D. Myer, Kevin R. Ford, Mark V. Paterno and Carmen E. Quatman

The effect of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on bone-tendon junction healing: Initiating after inflammation stage
Volume 34, Issue 10, pages 1697 – 1706, October 2016
Hongbin Lu, Feifei Liu, Huabin Chen, Can Chen, Jin Qu, Daqi Xu, Tao Zhang, Jingyong Zhou and Jianzhong Hu

New perspectives on ACL injury: On the role of repetitive sub-maximal knee loading in causing ACL fatigue failure
Volume 34, Issue 12, pages 2059 – 2068, December 2016
Edward M. Wojtys, Mélanie L. Beaulieu and James A. Ashton-Miller

Multi-disciplinary antimicrobial strategies for improving orthopaedic implants to prevent prosthetic joint infections in hip and knee
Volume 34, Issue 2, pages 177 – 186, February 2016
Matthew A. Getzlaf, Eric A. Lewallen, Hilal M. Kremers, Dakota L. Jones, Carolina A. Bonin, Amel Dudakovic, Roman Thaler, Robert C. Cohen, David G. Lewallen and Andre J. van Wijnen

Acrylic bone cement in total joint arthroplasty: A review
Volume 34, Issue 5, pages 737 – 744, May 2016
Khaled J. Saleh, Mouhanad M. El Othmani, Tony H. Tzeng, William M. Mihalko, Monique C. Chambers and Thomas M. Grupp

Multiple injections of leukoreduced platelet rich plasma reduce pain and functional impairment in a canine model of ACL and meniscal deficiency
Volume 34, Issue 4, pages 607 – 615, April 2016
James L. Cook, Patrick A. Smith, Chantelle C. Bozynski, Keiichi Kuroki, Cristi R. Cook, Aaron M. Stoker and Ferris M. Pfeiffer

2016 Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society Orlando, FL March 5-8, 2016
Volume 34, Issue S1, March 5 – 8, 2016

Identifying clinically meaningful benchmarks for gait improvement after total hip arthroplasty
Volume 34, Issue 1, pages 88 – 96, January 2016
Kharma C. Foucher

Emerging role of metabolic signaling in synovial joint remodeling and osteoarthritis
Volume 34, Issue 12, pages 2048 – 2058, December 2016
Ronald K. June, Ru Liu-Bryan, Fanxing Long and Timothy M. Griffin