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From left to right: Tonia Tsinman, Marianne Black, Amy McNulty, Lutz Dürselen, Amber Collins
Not pictured:  Katherine Glass

Congratulations to the 2018 ORS Meniscus Section Poster and Podium Award Winners!

The ORS Meniscus Section Poster and Podium Awards recognize Section members for their excellent research related to the meniscus.

Winners were announced during the ORS Closing Session: ORS Achievement Awards and 2018 Inauguration Ceremony on Tuesday, March 13.

Obesity and Meniscus Coverage Affect the In Vivo Properties of Cartilage
Amber T. Collins; Micaela Kulvaranon; Charles Spritzer; Louis DeFrate
Duke University

Single Cell Imaging Of Col1/Col2 Fluorescent Reporters in the Murine Meniscus Reveals Marked Spatial Heterogeneity
Tonia K. Tsinman; Xi Jiang; Robert L. Mauck; Nathaniel A. Dyment

Optimization of Lentiviral Transduction of Meniscus Cells for Tissue Engineering Applications
Katherine A. Glass; Jacob C. Ruprecht; Jarrett M. Link; Taylor D. Waanders; J. Brice Weinberg; Farshid Guilak; Amy L. McNulty

Choice of Ex Situ Scan Environment Can Substantially and Differentially Alter Quantitative MRI
Values of Bovine Menisci

Marianne S. Black; Michelle Xiao; Lauren E. Watkins; Feliks Kogan; Jarrett Rosenberg; Garry E. Gold; Marc E. Levenston; Brian A. Hargreaves

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