Congratulations to the 2023 Meniscus Section Award Winners:

2023 Winner Presentation Topic
Erin Argentieri
Hospital of Special Surgery
Comparison Of Whole Compartment And Regional Medial And Lateral Meniscal T2 Values Within Elite Athletes
Elisabeth Lemmon
University of Pennsylvania
Mechanoactive Anti-inflammatory Drug Delivery To Meniscus Defects
Natalie Fogarty
University of Pennsylvania
Reduction In Post-natal Load Bearing Has Negligible Impact On Murine Meniscus Maturation
Graciosa Teixeira
Ulm University
Age-Related Changes In The Structure-Function Relationship Of Human Menisci
Kalle Chastain
Hospital of Special Surgery
Variability In The Redistribution Of Joint Contact Forces After Partial Meniscectomy Is Not Associated With Percent Load Through The Meniscus In The Intact Condition