Organizer: Rebecca Chung, PhD, ORS Ambassador- Northeast

Symposium Highlights

Last week’s ORS Ambassador NYC & Northeast Regional Symposium was a great turnout. There were 30 participants in attendance, with representation from both academia and industry. The majority were student trainees, and a few have expressed interest in joining ORS as associate members. There was actually one participant that already has an accepted presentation for the upcoming ORS Annual Meeting, but wanted to learn more about the organization before joining.

Dr. Marissa Gray provided a brief overview of ongoing musculoskeletal research (M.E. and B.M.E. dept) at Stevens Institute of Technology, including a student design project focused on the development of an innovative harness for treating hip dysplasia.

Our featured speaker, Pat Ward incorporated three interactive exercises in her workshop. Dr. James Iatridis, 2nd Vice President of ORS, and Dr. Rebecca Chung worked together as a team, which was both fun and informative. Pat has also prepared a “How to Undo Negativity” guide and a resource list for further reading, so participants can continue to learn more about self-regulating behavior. This will be sent out shortly.

Dr. Iatridis gave closing remarks to the symposium which resonated with the audience, including Rebecca. He shared his experiences on how collaboration was critical to his career successes. He also noted that although his research focuses on the intervertebral disc of the spine, crosstalk within the musculoskeletal field is necessary to be able to ultimately treat an entire patient, therefore emphasizing the need for collaboration. He aligned this very nicely with the core values and future strategic plans of the ORS.

Pat Ward, MS
Pat Ward Consulting
Organizational Development, Career Coach, Relationship Coach

Other Invited Speakers:

Dr. Marissa Gray
Stevens Institute of Technology
Associate Departmental Director of Graduate Programs and Teaching
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Rebecca Chung, PhD, ORS Ambassador – Northeast

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