ON Foundation and ICORS provide a $3,000 Travelling Fellowship stipend to a MD or PhD Student with a strong interest in orthoregeneration. This travel fellowship aims to support visits for research or training from one to another ICORS member organisation, ideally to another region or continent. The visit may have the the goal to seed, establish or strengthen collaboration between the visitor and host and respective organisation. The visit may also support learning or transferring new methods or techniques in research or surgery between visitor and host. In particular themes which include the diversity of the ICORS global membership are welcomed. The Fellow will contact and organize the 2 to 4 week fellowship him- or herself at a hosting center of his/her choice (state details in motivational letter). The stipend is to cover travel and accommodation cost.

Deadline for applications: July 19, 2019

(Applications received after that deadline cannot be considered.)


  • Candidates are MD or PhD students
  • Candidates must not have benefited from similar ON support programs within the last 24 months
  • Candidates have a strong interest in orthoregeneration
  • Candidates from lower income or emerging countries are encouraged to apply as well
  • Successful candidates must provide a brief report of their research, training and cultural experience