2024 Fellows in Long Beach, California

ORS Fellows are individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service and leadership, substantial achievement, expert knowledge, and significant contributions to the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS), its Governance, and the field of musculoskeletal research. Fellows will represent ORS as the thought leaders and topic experts in their respective disciplines. Fellows also will serve as role models in the ORS community and in the field of musculoskeletal research.

Roles of Fellows

ORS Fellows will enhance the core values of the ORS and the field of musculoskeletal research by:

  • Supporting and exhibiting the ORS mission to advance musculoskeletal research worldwide
  • Inspiring excellence and innovation in research by providing expert advice, mentoring, and cultivating knowledge
  • Demonstrating professionalism and the ORS leadership through the highest standards in scholarship, science, patient care, education, and research
  • Engaging and fostering the enhancement of the ORS community through leadership, education, scientific programming, and collaboration

Fellows Candidate Criteria

The ORS fellows will be selected through an online application process. ORS members can self-nominate or nominate others. Members interested in applying for consideration as a fellow must meet the following criteria:

  • Been a member since 2003 or earlier
  • Have 10 consecutive years of active[1]
  • Has been an author at the ORS Annual Meeting within the last five years
  • Should have attended an ORS Annual Meeting in two of the last five years
  • Must demonstrate continued service to ORS (Examples of service are listed below)
  • Had major service contributions within the society – Examples of service include (but are not limited to):
    • Development of an ORS program or course
    • Served as an ORS ambassador
    • Board of Director member or committee member for at least five years
    • Served as a topic chair within the last 10 years
    • Served as an ICORS representative
    • Represented ORS as a member of an industry society committee or board (i.e., OREF, AAOS, NIAMS, etc.)
  • Note: Current members of the ORS Board of Directors are not eligible to be nominated to avoid any perception of conflict of interest, except for the Immediate Past President.

Procedures for Selection

  • Interested and qualified candidates can either self-nominate or be nominated by another member.
  • The selection of the ORS Fellows will be done by the Executive Committee based on the review and materials submitted by each candidate.
  • The list of proposed Fellows will be presented to the Board at its Fall meeting for final review and approval.

Recognition of Newly Inducted Fellows

During a plenary session at the ORS Annual Meeting, new Fellows will be honored and will receive:

  • A certificate signed by the ORS President
  • ORS Fellow lapel pin
  • A special Fellows recognition ribbon for their Annual Meeting name badge

Fellows Benefits:

  • An invitation to attend the ORS leadership recognition reception.
  • Recognition on ORS website, communications, and social media platforms
  • Become advisors for the society on new programs, initiatives, and planning where needed.
  • Invited to serve strategic committees such as ethics, audit, and collaborations assessment.
[1] Active membership is defined as an annual dues-paying member.

ORS Fellows by Year of Recognition

Chris B. Little

Glen Lawrence Niebur

Heidi‐Lynn Ploeg

Holger Jahr

Jennifer Jane Westendorf

John H. Healey

Louis E. DeFrate

Samuel R. Ward

Sibylle Grad

Vincent M. Wang

William Raymond Ledoux

Xiang-Dong Edward Guo

Zong-Ming Li

Marjolein van der Meulen

Richard Debski, PhD

Kathleen Derwin, PhD

Bob Hastings, PE

Johnny Huard, PhD

Edward Schwarz, PhD

Matthew Silva, PhD

Roy Aaron, MD

Matthew Allen, VetMB, PhD

Catherine Ambrose, PhD

Don Anderson, PhD

Thomas Bauer, MD, PhD

Richard Brand, MD

Qian Chen, PhD

Susanna Chubinskaya, PhD

Trey Crisco, PhD

Douglas Dennis, MD

Darryl D’Lima, MD, PhD

Russell Fernandes, PhD

Evan Flatow, MD

Braden Fleming, PhD

Susannah Fritton, PhD

Louis Gerstenfeld, PhD

Steven Goldstein, PhD

Daniel Grande, PhD

Ed Greenfield, PhD

Robert Guldberg, PhD

Francis Hornicek, MD, PhD

Karl Jepsen, PhD

Kenton Kaufman, PhD, PE

Joyce Keyak, PhD

Joseph Lane, MD

Jeffrey Lotz, PhD

Kenneth Mann, PhD

Koichi Masuda, MD

William Mihalko, MD, PhD

James Ninomiya, MD, MS

Nancy Pleshko, PhD

Vicki Rosen, PhD

Paul Rullkoetter, PhD

Mitchell Schaffler, PhD

Zvi Schwartz, DMD, PhD

Lori Setton, PhD

Brian Snyder, MD, PhD

Matthew Stewart, BVSc, PhD

Scott Tashman, PhD

Xiaodu Wang, PhD

Jeffrey Weiss, PhD

Edward Wojtys, MD

Yang Xia, PhD

Mauro Alini, PhD

Benjamin Alman, MD

Bruce Beynnon, PhD, MS

Scott Boden, MD

Lawrence Bonassar, PhD

Barbara Boyan, PhD

Scott Bruder, MD, PhD

Henry Donahue, PhD

Stuart Goodman, MD, PhD

Warren Haggard, PhD

Clark Hung, PhD

James Iatridis, PhD

Gun-Il Im, MD, PhD, FIOR, FBSE

Lynne Jones, PhD

Rita Kandel, MD

James Kang, MD

Francis Y. Lee, MD, PhD

Gayle Lester, PhD

Gang Li, MD, PhD

Richard Lieber, PhD

Gloria Matthews, DVM, PhD

Robert Mauck, PhD

George Muschler, MD

Maurizio Pacifici, PhD

Cathleen Raggio, MD


Scott Rodeo, MD

Robert Sah, MD, ScD

Daisuke Sakai, MD, PhD

Hamish Simpson, MA, BM, BCH, FRCS, DM

Lou Soslowsky, PhD

Rick Sumner, PhD

Rocky Tuan, PhD

Jennifer Wayne, PhD

Stuart Weinstein, MD

J Mark Wilkinson, PhD, FRCS

Michael Yaszemski, MD, PhD

Clare Yellowley, PhD

Gunnar Andersson, MD, PhD

Joan Bechtold, PhD

Mathias P Bostrom, MD

Joseph Buckwalter, MD

David Burr, PhD

Dennis Carter, PhD

Bruce Caterson, PhD

Richard Coutts, MD

Richard Cruess, MD

Dwight Davy, PhD

Christopher Evans, PhD

Mary Goldring, PhD

Alan Grodzinsky, ScD

Farshid Guilak, PhD

Joshua Jacobs, MD

Brian Johnstone, PhD

Theodore Miclau, MD

Van Mow, PhD

Regis O’Keefe, MD, PhD

Clare Rimnac, PhD

Linda Sandell, PhD

Stephen Trippel, MD

Savio L-Y Woo, PhD, DSc, DEng

Timothy M. Wright, PhD