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Section Membership Benefits

The immediate goal of the Meniscus Section is to support professionals specializing in meniscus research and sciences and to provide a forum for education and research on the following:

  • Basic understanding of meniscus function in terms of composition, structure, mechanics and biology (in-vitro, in-vivo, ex-vivo, in-silico modelling)

  • Meniscus repair (e.g. sutures, repair implants, growth factors)

  • Meniscus replacement (e.g. permanent vs. regenerative, TE, allograft), requirements for replacements devices, and regulatory issues)

  • Natural history of various meniscal pathologies

  • Improved diagnostic modalities for meniscal pathology (MRI, ultrasound, biomarkers)

  • Long term outcomes after different treatments

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Section dues are $50.00 for ORS members. All section members must be member of ORS in good standing. Login and Join the Section Online.

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Questions? Please contact Bailey McMurray, ORS Member Relations Coordinator, ors@ors.org, (847) 823-5770

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