Chathuraka Jayasuriya, PhD
Chathuraka Jayasuriya, PhDChair
Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University
Jay Patel, PhD
Jay Patel, PhDChair - Elect
Emory University
Matthew Koff, PhD
Matthew Koff, PhDPast-Chair
Hospital for Special Surgery
Alejandro Almarza, PhD
Alejandro Almarza, PhDSecretary
University of Pittsburgh
Donna Pacicca, MD
Donna Pacicca, MDTreasurer
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Andreas Seitz, PhD
Andreas Seitz, PhDResearch Chair
Ulm University Medical Center
Rebecca Irwin, PhD
Rebecca Irwin, PhDEducation Chair
Cornell University
Marianne Black, PhD
Marianne Black, PhDMembership Chair
Stanford University
Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer RobinsonMember-at-Large
University of Kansas
Su-Chin Heo
Su-Chin HeoMember-at-Large
University of Pennsylvania
Jay Trivedi, PhD
Jay Trivedi, PhDCommunication & Networking Chair
Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital

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