Developing and Translating Personalized Medicine for Treating Meniscus Injuries

Saturday, February 3
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Room 102

This meeting will feature brainstorming sessions followed by presentations from four key speakers on the intricacies and practical considerations in the development and translation of novel personalized strategies to treat meniscus injury. We will cover considerations from the perspective of developing and translating devices (non-biologics), cellular biologics, and combined tissue engineering strategies. The final speaker, Aric Kaiser, from the FDA will discuss important regulatory aspects to keep in mind throughout the development cycle of these technologies that will help to smoothen the path to translation.

Titles of Presentations and Speakers:

Fabrication of Functional Meniscus Replacement Devices
Charles Gatt, MD, Rutgers University

Biologic/Cell-based Products in Meniscus Repair or Replacement
Adetola Adesida, PhD, University of Alberta

Construct Maturation and Integration for Meniscus Tissue Engineering
Jenny Puetzer, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University

Regulatory Considerations from Early Development to Translation
Aric Kaiser, MS, FDA

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