The Musculoskeletal Biology Workshop (aka Sun Valley Workshop) has a long standing history and is widely recognized for having a major impact on scientific thinking in the field of skeletal biology particularly in areas related to histomorphometry, in vivo animal models, and biomechanics.  It is also recognized for its emphasis on training the early career investigator.  Numerous travel grants/awards are given each year to the early career investigator.

The Workshop was first held in 1965 and with support from the NIDR (Mineralized Tissues of Interest to Dentistry, 1964-1974). Funding was specified for dental students interested in doing dental-related research. This first workshop included six faculty and nine students. Today, the workshop has close to 100 participants from around the world, all with an interest in musculoskeletal biology. The workshop has had several names, including the Sun Valley Hard Tissue Workshop, Sun Valley Workshop, and now the Musculoskeletal Biology Workshop.

Sun Valley, Idaho has been home to the workshop since 1970, however in 2021 it will be moved to Snowbird, Utah which should provide another excellent venue to be inspired.

Participants at most of the last 30 workshops included one or more anatomists, anthropologists, biomechanicians, biochemists, cell biologists, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons, endocrinologists, geneticists, gerontologists, internists, mathematicians, molecular biologists, orthopaedic surgeons, pathologists, pediatricians, pharmacologists, physicists, rheumatologists and sports medicine experts.