Join us for the 49th International Musculoskeletal Biology Workshop: Musculoskeletal Immunology and Mechanotransduction: Biology and Disease from Stem to Senescent Cells.

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Snowbird, Utah provides the perfect venue for the exchange of important scientific information in a welcoming and open setting.

The Musculoskeletal Biology Workshop provides an ideal forum to identify problems in musculoskeletal disease and experimental approaches that provide solutions. Concepts debated at the Musculoskeletal Biology Workshops have had, and continue to have, a strong impact on the study of skeletal physiology and disorders.

This unique workshop:

  • focuses on problem-solving with discussions dedicated to developing approaches that can address those problems
  • features discussion time that equals or exceeds time for formal presentation; and the “interruption” model of discussion is encouraged
  • involves a small group of junior and senior scientists (usually 85-100) allowing for productive discussions
  • features scientific sessions in the mornings and evenings only, with afternoons dedicated to informal discussions among participants

All investigators interested in increasing understanding across the many disciplines that study musculoskeletal and mechano-biology are encouraged to attend.