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Hosted by the ORS Media Relations and Communications Committee, the goal of the ORS Photo Competition is to use images to highlight musculoskeletal research.

Winning images will be featured on the ORS website and on ORS Social Media outlets.

Deadline to submit your photo: Friday, February 16, 2018!

Submit Your Photo!

Images can include (but are not limited to) photo micrographs, photographs, and visual depictions of research.

All images must be free from any copyright and must be unpublished in print or online.

All images need to 828 x 315 pixels (Facebook banner size).

Photos promoting products/services or having any commercial bias are not eligible and will not be considered.

When uploading an entry, the submitter’s last name should be included in the file name (jones.jpg).

The ORS Photo Competition is open to ORS Members only.

Not an ORS member? Learn more about the benefits of ORS membership.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Amber Blake (blake@ors.org).

ORS members will vote to determine the winner of each ORS Photo Competition.

The ORS Photo Competition will take place twice each year.

The winning photo/image will be displayed on the ORS Facebook page as the “banner” for one month. Winning images will also be highlighted in ORS Connect, the ORS online newsletter, and featured on the ORS website.

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I hereby agree to release Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS), and all their staff, volunteers, associates and affiliates acting on behalf of ORS from any and all liability, including but not limited to copyright infringement, associated with the use of this photo/image for the competition and for any other purposes deemed appropriate by ORS. I agree that all photo/image submissions become the property of ORS and release my rights, including copyright, to this photo/image. I understand that the photo/image may be seen by anyone with access to the ORS website and/or in future publications, multimedia presentations, and on other public forums and that any person in the photo may be identified by persons outside of the competition. I own the copyright to this image, and I agree to allow the ORS to use this photo/image without reservation or condition. I agree I am voluntarily participating. I agree to the above statements and agree to hold harmless ORS, and all staff, volunteers, associates, and affiliates from any action resulting in the use of the photo/image.

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