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Meet your ORS ISFR leadership!

David Hak, MD
Denver Health
Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery

Chair Elect
Amy Hoang-Kim, PhD
Women’s College Hospital
Orthopaedic Medical Sciences

Ralph Marcucio, PhD
Dept. Orthopaedic Surgery 

Research & Education Chair
Chelsea Bahney, PhD
Orthopaedic Trauma Institute


Chantal Chenu, PhD
Royal Veterinary College


Section Senior Advisory Board
Peter Augat, MD
Institute of Biomechanics Murnau

Mathias P.G. Bostrom, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery

Jörg Goldhahn, PhD
ETH Zurich

Allen Goodship, MD

ORS ISFR Communications Committee
Beth Bragdon, PhD, Communications Committee Chair
Boston University School of Medicine

Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, PhD
Ulm University

Dan Youngstrom, PhD
University of Michigan

ORS ISFR Education Initatives Committee
Meghan Moran, PhD, Education Initatives Committee Chair
Rush University Medical Center

Herman Johal, MD
McMaster University

Sara McBride-Gagyi, PhD
St. Louis University

ORS ISFR Post Humerus Fractures Consensus Group

Information coming soon!

ORS Section Staff Liaison
Bailey McMurray
Email: membership@ors.org


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