ORS 2025 Annual Meeting 
February 7 – 11, 2025
Phoenix, Arizona

Scientific Meeting information to be determined. 

Past Meetings

2024 ISFR Section Scientific Meeting

Saturday, February 3
1:30pm – 3:30pm
Room 104


Plenary Session: (1:30-2:30) This session will feature three talks that span basic, translational, and clinical considerations of how osteoimmunology impacts fracture repair. Dr. Allison Pettit from Mater Research and Mater Research Institute-University of Queensland will share Basic Science insights. Dr. Hans-Christoph Pape from the University Hospital Zürich will discuss Clinical considerations. Dr. Georg Duda from Berlin Institute of Health at Charité will present from the Translational vantage.

Basic Science Considerations for Osteoimmunology
Dr. Allison Pettit, Mater Research and Mater Research Institute-UQ

Clinical Considerations for Osteoimmunology
Dr. Hans-Christoph Pape, University Hospital Zürich

Translational Considerations for Osteoimmunology
Georg Duda, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité

Business Meeting: (2:30-2:38)

ISFR Rising Star Speakers: (2:38-3:10) Young Investigators who have previously received an ORS ISFR award are eligible to be selected as ISFR Rising Stars. The 2024 ISFR Rising Stars are Augustine Mark Saiz, (Assistant Professor) from the University of California Davis, Madhura Nijsure (Graduate Student in Boerckel Lab) from the University of Pennsylvania, Evan Buettmann (Postdoctoral Fellow in Donahue Lab) from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Augustine Mark Saiz, UC Davis
Madhura Nijsure, UPenn
Evan Buettmann, Virginia Commonwealth University

Lifetime Achievement Award: (3:10-3:30) Congratulations to Dr. Peter Augat, the 2024 recipient of the ISFR Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Augat has served as a Past President of the International Society for Fracture Repair (ISFR), Past President of the German Society of Biomechanics (DGfB), and Member of several societies in the area of musculoskeletal research including ESB, ORS and IBMS. He is on the editorial board of several orthopaedic journals, including Biomedical Engineering, AOTS, JOT, EJTS and also a reviewer for most major musculoskeletal journals. Dr. Augat’s research is focused on biomechanics of fracture repair and on the clinical translation of orthopaedic research. With a prolific output, he has published over 200 scientific articles and supervised more than 80 doctoral theses.

Peter Augat, Professor of Biomechanics at Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria; Director Institute of Biomechanics, Trauma Center Murnau, Germany

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