2017 ORS/OREF Basic Science Course


The ORS/OREF 2017 Basic Science Course will be offered as part of AAOS Specialty Day

Saturday, March 18, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center

Additional details will be available at a later date

Richard L. Lieber, PhD, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Marjolein C. van der Meulen, PhD, Cornell University
Theodore Miclau, MD, Orthopaedic Trauma Institute

The ORS/OREF Basic Science Course will provide attendees with the tools to explain the functions and limitations of the science behind the decisions, treatments and procedures that are performed in practice every day. The course content has been derived from the Orthopaedic Basic Science: Foundations of Clinical Practice textbook developed in partnership with the AAOS and ORS. Covered topics will include principles of orthopaedic surgery basic science, musculoskeletal tissue biology, and musculoskeletal pathophysiology. Course attendees will also receive a copy of the textbook as part of the registration fee. The knowledge of the concepts learned in this course is evaluated through the Orthopaedic In-Training Examination and the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery Part I and Recertification Examinations. The course will benefit anyone currently in the field or entering the field of orthopaedics including orthopaedic residents and fellows, practicing orthopaedic surgeons and musculoskeletal researchers.

Principles of Orthopaedic Surgery Basic Science

Welcome and Introduction
Richard L. Lieber, PhD, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Molecular and Cellular Biology
Mitra Lavasani, PhD, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Musculoskeletal Development and Genetic Diseases
Elizabeth Bradley, PhD, Mayo Clinic

Principles of Biomechanics
Marjolein C. van der Meulen, PhD, Cornell University

Orthopaedic Biomaterials
Kenneth A. Mann, PhD, SUNY Upstate Medical University

Samuel R. Ward, PhD, University of CA, San Diego

Musculoskeletal Tissue Physiology and Function

Karl J. Jepsen, PhD, University of Michigan

Skeletal Muscle and Nerve
Richard L. Lieber, PhD, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Tendon and Ligament
Louis J. Soslowsky, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Suzanne A. Maher, PhD, Hospital for Special Surgery

Meniscus and Intervertebral Disc
Robert L. Mauck, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology

Tissue Engineering in Orthopaedics
Robert Sah, MD, ScD, University of California, San Diego

Bone Injury, Regeneration and Repair
Ralph Marcucio, PhD, University of CA, San Francisco

Molecular Basis of Cancer
R Lor Randall, MD, University of Utah, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Orthopaedic Infections
Joseph C. Wenke, PhD, US Army Institute of Surgical Research

Inflammation in the Musculoskeletal System
Regis J. O’Keefe, MD, Washington University in St. Louis

Osteoporosis/Metabolic Bone
Susan V. Bukata, MD, University of CA, Los Angeles

Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis
William Bugbee, MD, Scripps Clinic

Implant Wear and Inflammatory Response
Darryl D. D’Lima, MD, PhD, Scripps Clinic

Thromboembolic Disease and Fat Embolism Syndrome
Vincent D. Pellegrini, Jr., MD, Medical University of South Carolina