Congratulations to the 2023 Award Winners!

2023 Winner Presentation Topic
Kenneth Mann
SUNY Upstate Medical University
Peri-Operative Zoledronic Acid Attenuates Peri-Prosthetic Osteolysis in a Rat Model of Cemented Knee Replacement
Christopher Roche
Exactech, Inc.
Comparison of Survivorship and Failure Modes Between Anatomic and Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Across Multiple Government Joint Registries for a Single Platform Shoulder System
Philip Noble
University of Texas Health Science Center
Predicting patient-specific hip motion during functional activities after periacetabular osteotomy
Songyun Liu
Rush University Medical Center
Is the Wear of Polyethylene Liner Still a Problem?: A Study of Macrophage Chemistry Using HD-FTIR Imaging
Jason Halloran
Washington State University
Calibration of Knee Ligament Properties Using Arthroplasty Inspired Distraction Measurements Across Multiple Specimens
Matthew Teeter
Western University
The Role of Preoperative Synovitis on Satisfaction After Total Knee Arthroplasty