Congratulations to the 2024 Award Recipients

2024 Winner Presentation Topic
Elisabeth Lemmon

University of Pennsylvania

Interleukin Receptor Therapeutics Attenuate Synovial Inflammation In Canines Following Cruciate Ligament Injury
Alexander Knights

University of Michigan

Wnt Signaling Underpins Fibro-adipogenic Dynamics Of Intra-articular Fat During Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis
Annemarie Lang

University of Pennsylvania

Targeting CD71+ Oxygen-Releasing Cells Induces Fracture Gap Hypoxia And Enhances Vascularized Bone Healing
Jordy Schol

Tokai University School of Medicine

From Mild To Severe Degeneration: Canine Disc Degeneration Treatment Via Off-the-shelf Np Cell Transplantation
Nicholas Pancheri

University of Oregon
ACL Rupture Causes Structural Degeneration Of The Joint, Impairs Limb Function, And Increases Pain Behaviors In A Preclinical Rat Model Of Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis