Orthopaedic disorders are lifechanging ailments that touch each and every one of us, whether personally, or through the challenging experiences of family members or friends. According to the United States Bone and Joint Initiative, musculoskeletal disease affects over half of those in the United States who are 18 or older, and nearly three quarters of those who are 65 or older. The most common of these disorders are trauma, back pain, and arthritis. The cost of treating these conditions, which includes long-term pain and disability, is much greater than the costs associated with treating most other common health conditions. However, the dollars allotted to musculoskeletal research do not match the need – and in many cases the funding for this important research is lower than that for many other conditions. While this is currently an issue, it will become increasingly problematic as our population ages.

Musculoskeletal research seeks concrete ways to improve the lives those in this enormous group of people who live with debilitating disorders.

ORS is committed to supporting our research community – currently, more than 3,800 researchers worldwide.  The fundamental beliefs of our society are outlined in our core values: scientific excellence and integrity, partnership, collaboration, diversity, and advocacy.  Our mission to advance musculoskeletal research worldwide is all about our commitment to move the field forward on a global scale. Please consider helping us to help others.

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