Congratulations to the Tendon Section Conference 2018 Award Recipients!

Travel Grants

Martin Arostegui, BS, University of British Columbia

Franciele Dietrich-Zagonel, PhD, Linköping University.

Keshia Mora, BS, University of Rochester

Phong Khac Nguyen, MS, University of Rochester

Jose Suarez-Loor, BS, University of Rochester

Brittany Taylor, PhD, University of Pennsylvania 

Short Talk Awards

Kenneth Weekes, BS, Oregon Health & Science University
Temporomandibular Joint Articular Disc: Development Guided Regeneration
Co-authors:  Deepanwita Pal, Brian Pryce, Ronen Schweitzer, Brian Johnstone

Deepanwita Pal, PhD, Shriners Hospital for Children
Multiple Roles of Scleraxis in Cell Recruitment and Collagen Organization at Distinct Stages of Tendon Growth
Co-authors:  Alice Huang, Lingyan Wang, John Brigande, Ronen Schweitzer

Anne E.C. Nichols, PhD, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Scleraxis Regulates Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Adult Tenocytes
Co-authors:  Stephen Were, Linda Dahlgren 

Poster Awards

Phillip McClellan, Case Western Reserve University
Woven Collagen Biotextiles Enable Mechanically Functional Rotator Cuff Tendon Regeneration During Repair of Segmental Tendon Defects In Vivo
Co-authors:  Greg Learn, Derrick Knapik, Jameson Cumsky, Victoria Webster-Wood, James Anderson, Robert Gillespie, Ozan Akkus

Joanna Smeeton, University of Southern California
Robust Regeneration of Ligaments and Articular Cartilage in the Adult Zebrafish Jaw Joint
Co-authors:  Natasha Natarajan, Gage Crump

Phong Nguyen, University of Rochester
Characterization of Tendon Progenitor Cell Proliferation Rate and Development of Senescence In Vitro
Co-Authors:  Mary Jane Been, Jiewen Li, Katherine Kuo

Arul Subramanian, University of California Irvine
Identifying Novel Factors Involved in Mechanotransduction in Tendon Development
Co-authors:  Pavan Krshna Nayak, Lauren Fallon Kan, Thomas Schilling