Congratulations to the 2019 ORS Tendon Section Award Winners!

(Angelina D. Schönenberger, Peter Amadio, Catherine A. Bautista, Ryan J. Leiphart)


Exosome Educated Macrophages Improve Tendon Healing Compared to Exosomes
Connie S. Chamberlain, Anna E.B. Clements, John A. Kink, Ugeun Choi, Jessica D. Pederson, Peiman Hematti, Ray Vanderby
University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Identification of a Latent Resident Progenitor Population in the Adult Mouse Tendon
Jenna L. Galloway, Mor Grinstein, Dan Montoro, Jayaraj Rajagopal
Massachuetts General Hospital

Unique Subpopulation of Col1a1CFP Negative Tenocytes that Exhibit MMP Activity
Catherine A. Bautista, Xi Jiang, Nathaniel A. Dyment
University of Pennsylvania


Mechanical Overload And Matrix Disorganization Cooperate To Initiate Macrophage Polarization And Predispose NfκB Pathway Activation By Paracrine Signaling To Tendon Fibroblasts
Angelina D. Schönenberger, Unai Silvan, Jasmin Egloff, Marita Mauracher, Anna Bird, Jonas Widmer, Katharina Maniura, Sandro F. Fucentese, Jess G. Snedeker
ETH Zurich

Mitochondria Dysfunction In Tenocytes From Human Tendinopathy Patients
Yusuke Nakagawa, Camila Carballo, Ying Zhang, Susumu Wada, Miguel Otero, Michelle L. Delco, Lisa Fortier, Scott Rodeo
Tokyo Medical Dental University

Collagen VI Plays an Important Role in FDL Tendon Mechanics that is Distinct from the Role of Biglycan
Ryan J. Leiphart, Snehal S. Shetye, Hai Pham, Stephanie N. Weiss, Marian F. Young, Louis J. Soslowsky
McKay Orthopedic Research Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania