ORS Tendon Publication List 

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Tendon Section Membership Committee Picks

Tsai SL, Villasenor S, Shah RR, Galloway JL. Endogenous tenocyte activation underlies the regenerative capacity of the adult zebrafish tendon. NPJ Regen Med. 2023 Sept 19l 8(1):52.

Robert Z. Tashjian, Jared Zitnay, Nikolas H. Kazmers, Shivakumar R. Veerabhadraiah, Antonio C. Zelada, Matthew Honeggar, Peter N. Chalmers, Heath B. Henninger, Michael J. Jurynec. Estrogen and testosterone supplementation improves tendon healing and functional recovery after rotator cuff repair. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Anderson T, Mo J, Gagarin E, Sherwood D, Blumenkrantz M, Mao E, Leon G, Levitz H, Chen H-J, Tseng K-C, Fabian P, Crump JG, Smeeton J. Ligament injury in adult zebrafish triggers ECM remodeling and cell dedifferentiation for scar-free regeneration. NPJ Regen Med. 2023 Sep 19;8(1):51.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Timothy Lowe, Xuanliang Neil Dong, Lisa Griffin. Hamstrings Vibration Reduces Tibiofemoral Compressive Force Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Gabrielle Racine, Michael W.R. Holmes, Aaron M. Kociolek. Time-varying changes in median nerve deformation and position in response to quantified pinch and grip forces. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Jaclyn A. Carlson, Snehal Shetye, Mei Sun, Stephanie N. Weiss, David E. Birk, Louis J. Soslowsky. Collagen V haploinsufficiency in female murine patellar tendons results in altered matrix engagement and cellular density, demonstrating decreased healing. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Anne Leung, Shailesh Kantak, Sommer Hammoud, Rebekah Abraham, Ryan Zarzycki. Sex differences in corticospinal excitability and quadriceps performance after ACL reconstruction. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Matthew S. Harkey, Nicholas Michel, Corey Grozier, Jill M. Slade, Katherine Collins, Brian Pietrosimone, David Lalush, Caroline Lisee, Ilker Hacihaliloglu, Ryan Fajardo. Femoral Cartilage Ultrasound Echo-Intensity Is a Valid Measure Of Cartilage Composition. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Fumiya Sato, Yu Masuda, Daisuke Suzuki, Toshinori Hayashi, Tomohito Iwasaki, Jeonghyun Kim, Takeo Matsumoto, Eijiro Maeda. Biomechanical analysis of tendon regeneration capacity of Iberian ribbed newts following transection injury: Comparison to a mouse model. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Rebekah L. Lawrence, Steven B. Soliman, Annett Dalbøge, Keith Lohse, Michael J. Bey. Investigating the multifactorial etiology of supraspinatus tendon tears. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Laura Gatto, Ashen Fernando, Minoo Patel, Angus Yeung, David C. Ackland. Subacromial contact after acromioplasty in the rotator cuff deficient shoulder. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Sujata Khandare, Molly Smallcomb, Jacob Elliott, Meghan E. Vidt, Julianna C. Simon. Focused ultrasound as an alternative to dry needling for the treatment of tendinopathies: A murine model. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Natalie L. Fogarty, Talayah Johnson, Bryan Kwok, Alisia Lin, Tonia K. Tsinman, Xi Jiang, Eiki Koyama, Lin Han, Josh R. Baxter, Robert L. Mauck, Nathaniel A. Dyment. Reduction in postnatal weight-bearing does not alter the trajectory of murine meniscus growth and maturation. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Derek N. Pamukoff, Skylar C. Holmes, Caitlyn E. Heredia, Eric J. Shumski, Steven A. Garcia, Melissa M. Montgomery. Cartilage deformation following a walking bout in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. J Orthop Res. (2023)

Nathaniel A. Dyment, Andrew F. Kuntz, Louis J. Soslowsky. Special issue: Guiding the future of tendon research. J Orthop Res. (2023) [Special Issue Collection]

Rui Zhang, Run Zhang, Ting Zhou, Feng Wang, Chen Xu Zhou, Hua Wang, Quan Bing Zhang, Yun Zhou. Preliminary investigation on the effect of extracorporeal shock wave combined with traction on joint contracture based on PTEN-PI3K/AKT pathway. J Orthop Res. (2023)


Arsheen M. Rajan, Nicole L. Rosin, Elodie Labit, Jeff Biernaskie, Shan Liao, Peng Huang. Single-cell analysis reveals distinct fibroblast plasticity during tenocyte regeneration in zebrafish. bioRxiv 2023.04.18.537403

Tao Zhang, Tingyun Lei, Jie Han, Ru Zhang, Weiliang Shen, Yi Liu, Youguo Liao, Yanyan Zhao, Xianzhu Zhang, Ruojin Yan, Qiulin He, Yangwu Chen, Haihua Pan, Ouyang Hongwei, Lingting Wang, Wei Yin, Zi Yin, Chen Xiao. Bio-inspired mineralization collagen induce fibrocartilage regeneration after tendon-bone injury by activating Gli1+Dkk3+ progenitor cells. bioRxiv 2023.09.24.557863

Katrina L. Easton, Carter Hatch, Kaitlyn Stephens, Dylan Marler, Obinna Fidelis, Xiaocun Sun, Kristin M. Bowers, Caroline Billings, Cheryl B. Greenacre, David E. Anderson, Dustin L. Crouch. Replacement of tibialis cranialis tendon with polyester, silicone-coated artificial tendon preserves biomechanical function in rabbits. bioRxiv 2023.10.25.563771

Nicholas M. Pancheri, Jordan T. Daw, Destinee Ditton, Nathan R. Schiele, Scott Birks, Gunes Uzer, Calvin L. Jones, Brian T. Penney, Sophia K. Theodossiou. The LINC complex regulates Achilles tendon elastic modulus, Achilles and tail tendon collagen crimp, and Achilles and tail tendon lateral expansion during early postnatal development. bioRxiv 2023.11.13.566892

Saini, S. Cho, M. Tewari, AA.R. Jalil, M. Wang, A.J. Kasznel, K. Yamamoto, D.M. Chenoweth, D.E. Discher. Pan-tissue scaling of stiffness versus fibrillar collagen reflects contractility-driven strain that inhibits fibril degradation. bioRxiv 2023.09.27.559759

Connie S. Chamberlain, Archana Prabahar, John A Kink, Erika Mueller, Yiyao Li, Stephanie Yopp, Christian M. Capitini, Peiman Hematti, William L. Murphy, Ray Vanderby, Peng Jiang. Modulating Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Microenvironment Alters Exosome RNA Content and Ligament Healing Capacity. bioRxiv 2023.10.22.563485