Burden of Musculoskeletal Disease

The mission of the Unified Orthopaedic Research Agenda (URA) is to advance science and research in musculoskeletal care through a unified research strategy. Continued and additional funding of these research priorities is necessary to improve function and mobility and reduce the socioeconomic burden of orthopaedic disorders.

The URA was developed as a communication tool for organizations like the ORS, the AAOS, orthopaedic/musculoskeletal specialty societies, and individual researchers.

The URA is a joint effort coordinated by the AAOS Research Development Committee (RDC) in conjunction with the Orthopaedic Research Society and many of the orthopaedic specialty societies. Two members of the ORS serve on this committee as representatives of the Society. The mission of the RDC is to promote orthopaedic research through advocacy, education, and recognition of excellence. The RDC aims to educate the AAOS fellowship about research activities and initiatives and provide opportunities for musculoskeletal researchers through annual AAOS/ORS Research Symposia, AAOS/OREF/ORS Clinician Scholar Development Programs, orthopaedic research awards, and its signature research advocacy event, Research Capitol Hill Day, a day dedicated to informing members of congress of the importance of musculoskeletal research.

Research Priorities for the Unified Orthopaedic Research Agenda: