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About ORS Sections

What Are Sections?

A Section is an affiliate of the parent organization, the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS), and as such, members are also bound by the Rules and Regulations and bylaws of the parent organization. The purpose of the Section is to promote the common interest of Society members in specified areas of research related to orthopaedics and the musculoskeletal system. Sections are a means of increasing communication and interaction among individuals of similar interest within the framework of a larger organization. While Sections facilitate relationships and work among individuals with a common interest, they also provide an opportunity for those individuals to participate actively in the ORS.

Why Should I Join a Section?

Sections are great for networking with fellow colleagues and keeping up to date with new developments in research in that specific section. Sections communicate and interact with section members through newsletters, the section website, social media outlets, community forums, discussion groups, events, programs, and RIGs at the ORS Annual Meeting. Participating in a section is a great way to become involved in the ORS. In addition to staying current in special interest areas, sections provide excellent networking & professional development opportunities. Save

How Do I Join a Section?

Since Sections are integral parts of the society, section membership requires membership in the ORS as well. All current members of the ORS are eligible to join one or more Sections of the ORS paying appropriate section dues. Each Section is diverse and unique in different areas of musculoskeletal research (i.e. spine).

If you are currently an ORS member, and would like to add a section membership, log into your ORS membership profile and complete an application with the section membership application dues payments to the ORS.

Current ORS Research Sections

(Click on each section name to learn more.)

ORS International Section of Fracture Repair

ORS Meniscus Section

ORS Orthopaedics Implants Section

ORS Preclinical Models Section

ORS Spine Section

ORS Tendon Section

Join an ORS Research Section
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