Mark your calendars now to join us for the ORS 2025 Annual Meeting, taking place February 7-11, 2025 in Phoenix, Arizona. The meeting will bring the orthopaedic community together for five days of workshops, learning sessions, networking, advocacy, and much more. Attendees of all career levels from many disciplines will gather to network and learn about the latest innovations in orthopaedics. Now is your opportunity to contribute to the meeting by sharing your ideas for Workshops, Symposia, and Spotlight Speakers.

Workshop Applications Are Now Open 

The ORS Scientific Program Committee is seeking workshop applications for the ORS 2025 Annual Meeting. Workshops will cover a wide variety of topics representing basic, translational, and clinical research, as well as innovative technologies.

Please submit your applications by Monday, April 22.


Submit Your Symposia Ideas

The ORS Research Council is seeking ideas for Symposia, Back to Basics, and Bench to Bedside sessions for the ORS 2025 Annual Meeting.

Symposia will engage the audience in a dialogue about a hot topic and/or emerging paradigm in orthopaedic science. These forward-looking topics should bridge basic and clinical research, and integrate academic, health, regulatory, and industry perspectives.

Back to Basics sessions will bring foundational knowledge and historical perspective to meeting attendees, highlighting important discoveries made 30+ years ago and how they have influenced the field.

Bench to Bedside will be innovative sessions that bring together clinicians, basic scientists, and clinical trial experts.

Please submit your ideas by Monday, April 22.

Share Your Spotlight Speaker Suggestions

We are currently looking for suggestions for potential Spotlight Speakers at the 2025 ORS Annual Meeting. If interested, you are welcome to submit any speaker ideas (who can be ORS members or non-members), and topics/talk titles.

Please share your suggestions by Monday, April 22.


Abstract Submissions
June 17, 2024 – August 26, 2024

Stay tuned for more information.