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The Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) will mentor, foster, encourage and inspire women at the start and throughout their careers in orthopaedic research, and will assist women in obtaining leadership roles in orthopaedic-related organizations.

Mission and Charges

Strive to increase the number of female musculoskeletal scientists and improve their success.

  • Create professional development and mentoring programs
  • Develop outreach events and activities to promote the field to female scientist
  • Cultivate an interactive community and resources for female musculoskeletal scientists

Expand professional advancement and scientific programming for our research community

  • Identify barriers to diversity existing today
  • Seek to anticipate, understand, and respond to the needs of our current and potential members

Promote, exhibit, and celebrate diversity within our community

  • Continue to support and develop new programming to support current and potential members at all levels of their career; new investigators, mid-level career, and senior investigators
  • Recognize and promote the contributions of our diverse membership

ORS Women’s Leadership Forum Online Community

The ORS Women’s Leadership Forum online community provides a place to facilitate networking among ORS female members. If you are interested in joining, please send a request to Josa Hanzlik, PhD at jhanzlik@zsxmedical.com.

You must be a member of the ORS to join the online community.

ORS Women’s Leadership Forum Online Community
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