The Musculoskeletal Knowledge Portal () project is a collaboration between the International Federation of Musculoskeletal Research Societies () and scientists and software engineers at the . The IFMRS was conceived in 2012 to provide scientific opportunities for its member societies with regards to education, collaboration and funding; the IFMRS Big Data Working group is charged with developing a means to share musculoskeletal databases globally.

Exploring the MSK-KP

There are three major entry points to the results in the MSK-KP:

  • Enter a gene name, variant ID, or genomic coordinates into the home page search box to view a page with details on genetic associations and epigenomic annotations in that region
  • Select a phenotype to view a genome-wide plot and table of the top associations for that phenotype
  • Use the Variant Finder tool to retrieve a list of variants meeting custom criteria

Important Information for ORS MSKI Members

Watch the video below for a brief tutorial on navigating the MSK-KP. More written and video documentation will be available on the .

Video recorded at the ASBMR 2020 Annual Meeting.