Asians and orthopaedic research communities in Asian countries are a significant constituency of the ORS.  An estimated 25-30% of current ORS members are of Asian heritage.  The international and US geopolitical environments create challenging obstacles that threaten open science, the international research workforce, and justice for ORS researchers.  These obstacles are impacting the central mission of the ORS: to accelerate musculoskeletal discovery to improve health.  The ORS Asian Leadership Forum (ALF) aims to maintain the competitiveness of the ORS by attracting new generations of researchers, including Asians, Pacific Islanders, and their allies, into the ORS community and promoting research and leadership excellence in ALF members.

Specific objectives of the Asian-Pacific-Islander Leadership Forum include:

  • Provide leadership training and education for ALF members,
  • Organize scientific workshops and sessions at ORS annual meetings and virtually throughout the year,
  • Promote Asian representation at all levels in ORS Society activities, awards, and leadership,
  • Inspire the next generation Asian scientists by promoting the involvement of early career Asian members in Society committees and providing mentorship,
  • Collaborate with other under-represented ORS groups and forums to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the ORS,
  • Promote the study of medical disparity and inequality issues related to Asian populations

The Asian Leadership Forum welcomes all interested ORS members to join the network.