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LearnORS is an online platform that offers a complete learning experience in an exciting format to meet learners’ educational needs.

LearnORS Courses

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The ORS Forum for Enhanced Writing and Publication Skills

This course will provide a unique resource for the ORS community to help enhance the quality and number of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal related research publications. The curriculum will serve PhD candidates, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, orthopaedic residents, orthopaedic fellows, and beginning basic, translational, and clinical, and industry researchers (no matter what degree).

The Art of Grant Writing

The online portion of the course consists of 8 learning modules for a total of 9 hours of learning covering the basics for writing a compelling grant application.

Principles of Clinical Research

This course consists of 9 learning modules for a total of 10 hours of learning and will provide trainees with a foundation to assess and interpret the available orthopaedic literature, and to participate in the scientific progress by providing you with the tools you will need to initiate new or contribute to existing clinical research programs.

Orthopaedic Basic Science Course

The ORS Orthopaedic Basic Science Course will explain the science behind the decisions, treatments and procedures that are performed in practice every day. Understanding the science behind clinical decisions is important as we strive to improve patient care.

Innovation & Commercialization

These programs, offered during the were co-organized by the ORS Industry Engagement Committee and the ORS Innovation & Commercialization Network. These programs are complimentary to view after completing the registration form.

The LearnORS Residency Bundle

The carefully curated LearnORS Residency Bundle is designed to help residency programs meet educational requirements and provides certificates to trainees to encourage their growth and development. This bulk online educational resource provides residency programs with discount access to all LearnORS courses for all residents in their program and distributes licenses appropriately at each training level.


  • Delivers eLearning courses, training materials, and performance data reporting all from one online location.
  • Provides our diverse orthopaedic community with a user-friendly, on-demand research education portal that is time and place adaptive while content and delivery is consistent for every learner.
  • Facilitates integration of online education, recorded and live e-learning, with face to face programs ensuring engagement, understanding, and mentorship.
  • Provides a series of topic-related courses targeted to help you achieve your goals; whether to help residents to pass an exam, advance their career by developing a specific competency, or to serve as a foundation to those wishing to excel in their field.
  • Provides pre-assessment and post-assessments to ensure increased knowledge in each specific subject as well as certificates of completion.


  • Accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime – no matter of your geographic location
  • Learner will have access to purchased course for one year
  • Access to outstanding subject matter experts
  • Flexibility of learning at a learner’s own pace
  • Ability for learners to extend communication and access resources outside of their day-to-day environment