In December 2023, the ORS launched its new newsletter, Hot Topics in Orthopaedics. This weekly publication serves nearly 16,600 subscribers by delivering current industry news. The ORS Hot Topics in Orthopaedic Research newsletter presents the latest developments in orthopaedics and features content appealing to both ORS members and the general public. Distribution is facilitated by a third party to ORS members, prospective members, and interested individuals from the general public who choose to subscribe.

“I believe the newsletter will be beneficial to clinicians and others who might receive it and who will be encouraged to join the ORS. It has key highlights of relevant papers and it postures the ORS as both a basic and a clinical sciences society, which is great. People often think of us as pure basic science, but almost half of the members work on translational and clinical studies. I think the newsletter is a great initiative and is a benefit for members and potential members.”

Rahul Gawri, ORS Member

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